Letters to Him

George Shelley, a 19 year old singer with big ambitions to be as big as the famous band, One Direction, is in a coma. His best friend, Arianna Tomlinson, was with him at the car crash. Arianna blames herself for it all, so she writes letters to George for when George wakes up, but Arianna isn't so sure about one thing; Will George ever wake up from his coma?


5. You was right all the way.

Dear George,

Please wake up. I'm in hell right now. Please, I really need to tell you something before you.... well..... die. I think I'm in love with you. I mean it. Not as best friends, but I really fancy you. And I think you might have been right about my brother. I know I grew up in care, I know I never met my family. But you was right all the way along, ever since Louis Tomlinson in One Direction auditioned on the X-Factor three years ago, you knew he was my brother, but I didn't believe you. I asked Matthew, our head care worker, about my family. He showed me the only photo I had with my family, when I was a baby. Louis was holding me, with his hair a huge mess and grinning the same cheesy smile. I'm so sorry for all the arguements we had in the past. Please wake up, I need to feel your hug again. 

Arianna xxxxxxxxxxxxxc

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