Letters to Him

George Shelley, a 19 year old singer with big ambitions to be as big as the famous band, One Direction, is in a coma. His best friend, Arianna Tomlinson, was with him at the car crash. Arianna blames herself for it all, so she writes letters to George for when George wakes up, but Arianna isn't so sure about one thing; Will George ever wake up from his coma?


3. First Day At College

Dear George, 

Today I had to leave your bedside because the holidays had ended. It was horrible at college without you. Everybody kept asking where you were. At lunch, it was even worse, I sat on my own. Usually, when these idiots threw food at me, you would use your sassy attitude to make them stop, but you wasn't there, so the idiots threw food at me. Come on George, wake up. I'm in a nightmare and only you can get me out. 

Arianna xxxxx 

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