Letters to Him

George Shelley, a 19 year old singer with big ambitions to be as big as the famous band, One Direction, is in a coma. His best friend, Arianna Tomlinson, was with him at the car crash. Arianna blames herself for it all, so she writes letters to George for when George wakes up, but Arianna isn't so sure about one thing; Will George ever wake up from his coma?


11. 23rd July 2020

Yawning, I rub my eyes. Looking over at the clock, it said 7:30. "George. George," I mumbled, reaching over to George's side of our double bed. Empty. My eyes shoot open and I sit up. I looked at the calendar that hung on a rusty nail. 23rd July 2020. I peered closer at George's tiny but neat writing on the date. 'WEDDING DAY' it said. Of course! Today was the day I was marrying my fiancé George Shelley. We chose this date because it was the 10th anniversary of our favorite band, One Direction. George decided to be all traditional and he refused to see me all day yesterday. He picked out my dress and I haven't seen it yet. Stretching my legs once I got out of bed, I yawn tiredly again. The dress was inside a post dirt cover. I stripped the cover off and I saw the most beautiful dress I ever seen. I traced my fingers over the white silky skirt. Grinning like mad, I peeled my clothes off my body, then I slipped on the dress. The top part clung to my chest, and a white satin ribbon went around my waist with a huge bow on the left-hand side. The skirt was free floating, showing off my tanned legs. "What a perv," I laughed to myself once I realised that the skirt showing off a bit on my thigh. A knock at the door and a ring from the doorbell made me rush downstairs and fling open the front door. "I'm the hairdresser and the make up lady," A tall fair woman said with a cheerful smile. "Come on in!" I welcomed her. This is going to be the best date ever and nothing is going to spoil it. 

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