The death records

My name is Ivy. I am a Shinigami.


3. William

"Darcy, I'm sorry to say this, but you're going to have to die today" I stated with a surgery smile. I might have been enjoying this a little bit TOO much, but hey, she was my enemy's contractor, so I may as well have a little fun.

"You bitch! If you knew WHY I was doing this you wouldn't be having to kill me!" She screamed as she saw my desired scythe appear in my hands, a red chainsaw. It was the same scythe that Grell had used, but seeing as he was my father's best friend, and Dad already had a scythe, he had it arranged so I would receive his scythe. I quite liked his scythe, it worked better than any other human chainsaw I had ever seen.

"Why are you doing this then Darcy? Killing others just so you can feed your inquenchable thirst for destruction shouldn't be something that allows you to live." I pointed out as I backed her into a corner.

"M-my brother! I-if I didn't do this than W-william would kill him!" Darcy screamed. I held the chainsaw at her neck.

"I'll severe your contract with the demon. Then we'll talk." I hissed at her, snatching her hand, which had the sign of the contract, a pentagram, marked on her skin. I threw the gloves at her, and headed towards the mansion that she lived in, as she was a fairly rich child, even as an orphan. "WILLIAM!" I yelled as I entered the house, my call echoing off the walls.

"Oh, It's you." I heard a voice laugh behind me. I turned around and saw William. He had messy blonde hair and red eyes. He was pale and had a mischevious smile. He was actually quite handsome, but I held the chainsaw menacingly anyway.

"Demons are only angels cast out of heaven, so tell me little demon, what did you do to get cast out?" I whispered as my chainsaw faded out of my hands. I crossed my arms and glared at William.

"Incomparably beautiful as always Ivy. I'd tell you, but you would be disgusted." He smiled at me. I forgot to mention that this demon was a bit of a player.

"Oh, give it up. Just spill already. When you got cast out three years ago, you would have had to do something wrong." I said to the demon. Venom dripping from every word.

"Well...... I fell in love with a being that if I did happen to bear a child with, the child could destoy the universe." He muttered, with a hint of sadness. The only pairing that could do that would be- no way. NO WAY! He- no-

"Y-You fell in love with a shingami didn't you?" I stuttered.

"And a shame it is too. Ever wondered why I've never tried to kill you?" He smiled with a hint of pride.

"M-me?" I whispered, sinking into the floor. "But, why would you love.... me?"

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