The death records

My name is Ivy. I am a Shinigami.


1. Introduction

I am Ivy Dark. I'm a daughter of a grim reaper, but I prefer the Japanese term shingami, because it sounds more graceful, and not as horrifying as Grim Reaper. I am short with brown hair and purple/blue eyes. I have an oldet brother named Sebastian and a younger sister, Alis. My future job would usually be to sort out the souls of the living and the dead, and decide the people to be reincarnated in a better body. I don't like this sort of work though, so unlike my siblings, I will collect the souls of those who deserve to die, and defeat my demon enemy William. I have a boyfriend named Daniel. He is tall with white hair and green eyes. He has a scar on his face where his abusive mother attacked him with a knife. I don't mind though. He is like me, a descendant of a grim reaper. His mother died in a mental hospital after she attacked Daniel. I was there when she did it, and I never ever forgave her.

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