The death records

My name is Ivy. I am a Shinigami.


2. First Mission

I looked through the list, I wanted to have a job was exiting. As my purple eyes scanned the sheet, the same word raced through my head.




I went on like that for about twenty minutes, until I saw an interesting name on there. Darcy Harris. I tried to think of where I had heard the name before- ahhh. William's contractee. How sweet it would be to take the soul of my enemie's possesion. I wonder why she had summoned him. I circled the name in my purple pen and put my trademark signature next to it. My name with a wall of ivy behind it. All I had to do was click my fingers and it would appear. I placed the form back on the desk and thanked the attendee. I had heard of a shingami, who lived years ago. He had a chainsaw and red hair. But that was when chainsaws weren't things that usually existed. It's been over a century, and he's dead now, he died when a demon grabbed his weapon from him and shoved it through his back. That was was twenty years ago now, but he still remains a disgrace to our kind. I remember him and shudder. I don't want to end up like that, not like a blood enthused killing machine. I heard that he had killed a demon's contractee twice. Which is a bit prestigous though. So he's sort of like a fallen warrior. I was only sixteen, so I didn't have to worry about it.

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