The death records

My name is Ivy. I am a Shinigami.


5. Changing Sides

"Ivy!" Daniel yelled, I ignored him as I ran up to him, the blades on my chainsaw spinning wildly. He jumped back as I swiped at him, almost killing him. I stopped abruptly, realizing what I was doing. My head swam with guilt. I swiped again, realizing I didn't care. Daniel wasn't prepared this time, and I cut him badly. He staggered back and I saw the hurt in his eyes. He  I fell forward, coughing. I felt light headed suddenly. I saw a white figure bending over me with concern before everything went black.


William's POV

Ivy fell as she blacked out. I ran to her, and leant over her, sheilding her from being hit. I heard they don't kill demons these days, just put them in custody. I felt a knife peirce my side, and winced. Tears fell down my face. I finally got to tell her that I loved her, and now, I was going to never be able to see her again, because after this, I'll  most likely be imprisoned. And I've heard that only guards are allowed in the jails. I shielded her even further, until I couldn't take the pain anymore in my human form, and changed to my true form. I was pure white now, my blonde hair fell over my eyes as the dispatch team stopped trying to kill me. I picked up Ivy, and held her to my chest. My face buried in her brown hair, I continued to cry. I heard the others leave and felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Daniel, holding out his hand. I clutched Ivy to my chest as He helped me up. I swayed, Ivy's excess weight unbalancing me for a moment, but I recovered, and stood up fully.

"Do you want to take her?" Daniel said, a sad look sweeping across his face.

"What do you mean?" I asked him, shocked and unsure of what he meant.

"I mean, do you want to nurse her back to health, at wherever you live, If you have a home anymore." I looked at my hand, and the sign of the contract was gone completely.

"I'll see if I can nurse her there, and maybe I'll have to buy a house somewhere." I replied, unsure of wheter he was doing this to be nice, or if she was now an outcast. I nodded at the boy, and without another word started running across the rooftops, headed towards the mansion I had served for so long.

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