Perfect in his eyes

This isn't some story about the perfect girl and everyone knows she's perfect ! No this story is the truth about modern society and how one guy [him being Niall Horan from One Direction] can change anything and everything I've ever thought about myself ! His love for me truthfully is what keeps me alive.But whats a relationship without struggle and some drama ?


5. Were home

Carley's pov:

Lunch with Jordan and Louis went smoothly it was great to catch up with Jordan we've both been so busy lately we don't have much spare time to talk."So Carley about that dessert" Niall started saying hmm what about it Niall i replied.Well do you want some ? I don't know i said by that time we were home i stepped out of the car and ran to the house and to the bedroom i think he got the message and i think you know what happened next.

Niall's pov :

Okay now i have to break the news to Carley argh.I love the fans and  performing but sometimes i wish i could just have a year off to spend with Carley.Um Carley i said "yea"she replied ummm well "what wrong Niall ?"

Carley's pov:

Oh gosh I'm really worried now is he going to "fess up" like the guy said on the phone.Has he cheated on me ? no Carley he wouldn't do that. "well um i have to go on tour for 4 months" When ? i asked in 3 weeks he replied quietly.Oh is all that could come out of my mouth.


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