Perfect in his eyes

This isn't some story about the perfect girl and everyone knows she's perfect ! No this story is the truth about modern society and how one guy [him being Niall Horan from One Direction] can change anything and everything I've ever thought about myself ! His love for me truthfully is what keeps me alive.But whats a relationship without struggle and some drama ?


1. Waking up

I felt a slight nudge on my arm "arrrrrgh'' i moaned "come on Beautiful it's time to wake up" Niall said.I slightly opened my eyes to find a pair of amazing blue ones looking back Niall was just casually laying there with a massive smile on his face."what are you so happy about Mr Horan" I  said "That i get to wake up every morning to see the love of my life just sleeping by my side" Wow i replied " I'm pretty sure I've heard that in a movie " hahaha your so funny he said while throwing a pillow at me ! I sat up and yawned,"oh and babe remember we have to go see Jordan and Louis today at like 12.30 for lunch" Niall said. With those words i collapsed back down into our bed.He sat up and started rubbing circles on my back, he then got closer to my ear,i could feel his hot breath right on my neck it sent shivers down my spine. He whispered quietly in my ear "come on babe who knows we might come back here for some dessert" I replied by saying "by dessert i hope you mean caramel ice-cream" Hahahaha Carley your such a dope. "love you to baby" I replied hahaha love you too.He slowly moved his head towards mine our lips nearly touching with that thought he crashed his lips into mine,with his tongue asking for entrance,I being me liked to tease,i pulled a way before it could go any further. "Argh you tease"he said. He rolled off the bed and went to have a shower.

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