Perfect in his eyes

This isn't some story about the perfect girl and everyone knows she's perfect ! No this story is the truth about modern society and how one guy [him being Niall Horan from One Direction] can change anything and everything I've ever thought about myself ! His love for me truthfully is what keeps me alive.But whats a relationship without struggle and some drama ?


6. Leaving

Niall pov:

3 weeks went fast i really didn't want to leave her here in London alone well she did have Jordan so she's not completely alone i guess.Carley is dropping me off at the airport,the whole drive there it looked like she was about to cry.I put my hand on her leg trying to comfort her.We finally reached the airport and were surrounded  by fans we ran into the airport hand in hand.I was looking around for the boys when i spotted them we made our way over.We all stood there for about an half an hour.Carley and my hand never let go of each other.Then the call came "London to America passengers please make your way through security to board your flight" I looked at Carley who was trying so hard not to cry.I crashed my lips into hers we stayed like that for a while.She pulled away "i love you"she said i love you too i kissed the top of her head and started to walk away.Argh i needed to kiss her one more time i turned around and ran to her i picked her up, her legs wrapped around my waist and kissed her passionately.she stopped it again and said i had to go she was crying i wiped the tears away with my thumb i love you i said i love you too she said between sobs.

Carley's pov:

He put me down and started to walk away.I made my way to Jordan who was crying too. Louis and Niall waved before going through the doors.

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