Perfect in his eyes

This isn't some story about the perfect girl and everyone knows she's perfect ! No this story is the truth about modern society and how one guy [him being Niall Horan from One Direction] can change anything and everything I've ever thought about myself ! His love for me truthfully is what keeps me alive.But whats a relationship without struggle and some drama ?


4. Jordan and louis

Louis pov :

hey love do you need any help in the kitchen ? i asked Jordan.Jordan and i have been together for 3 years,i think scratch that i know she is the one i have made a promise to myself when we go to Australia I'm going to ask her dad for permission to marry his daughter.. the love of my life."no I'm fine thanks babe"

Jordan's pov :

Something is up with Louis he's like all tense and worried all the time argh i need to find out what's wrong! with that thought in my mind there was a knock at the door which I'm assuming Niall and Carley. Louis came up to me and kiss the top of my head "you ready ?" he asked,of course I'm ready it's not like i don't know them haha.


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