Perfect in his eyes

This isn't some story about the perfect girl and everyone knows she's perfect ! No this story is the truth about modern society and how one guy [him being Niall Horan from One Direction] can change anything and everything I've ever thought about myself ! His love for me truthfully is what keeps me alive.But whats a relationship without struggle and some drama ?


2. Introducing myself

I walk over to the mirror that has photo after photo of Niall and i stuck around the sides,there's also the note Niall gave me when on our first date,It says "Hi Carley um well i just wanted to write that um i really like you and i really want to do this again" I love that note it's just Niall a bit awkward and cute.Anyway my names Carley Dawson.I'm from Australia so i have quite tan skin,i have long chocolate brown hair that has natural blonde through it and i have blue/green/hazel eyes.I'm shorter then Niall not by a lot though,i have a normal figure i guess i don't really pay attention I'm not one of "those girls".

{sorry for the short chapter}

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