My Best Mate's Secret (NonFamous 1D)

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have been mates since primary school and tell each other everything. When Louis learns the one secret his best friend has been keeping from him, how would he react? Will they still be as thick as thieves, or will it separate them forever?


6. Utter Awe

El's POV


"You what?" I asked, not completely sure I heard him correctly. Harry sighed. "I love Louis. Not in the brotherly type way that I've managed to fake all these years, but truly, madly, deeply. I know this isn't the thing I should be saying to you, but it was the reason I left. I mean, He's my mate and all, but I just can't hide it. Liam threatened to expose me, so I left. I figured you two would be much happier without me around always coming 'round. I'm surprised you two managed to have sex," he confessed, a smile in his voice at the very end. My face flushed red. "I-I..... Shut up," I managed to whisper trough partially split lips. Harry laughed. "But El, I'm serious about what I said. You cannot tell Tommo, er, Louis. He'd flip and run after me and I'm not sure I'm completely over him yet. I'm letting Niall wash him through my system and if I like where things go, I might stay here permanently. He's cute. You'll have to see him. But I should go. I think my lovely leprechaun is home," he rushed. "No, Harry wait-" I managed to spit out before the line went dead. I sighed and dropped my phone.

Harry is in love with Louis.

And Liam knew.

And I can't tell my boyfriend that his mate ran off to Ireland to drain away his feelings with some guy he just met that he may or may not eventually move in with.

Lord, am I going to need therapy for this.

Just then, I heard the front door creak open and I knew that Louis was home. I ran from his room to meet him at the door. "Any luck?" I asked, knowing Harry wouldn't tell him anything even if he did reach him. "Nah," he replied, sad. "You?" he asked. I dropped my head and shook it. "No. It seems he's dodging us both. That's not like him," I lied. Mullinger! I wanted to scream. I wanted to smile and laugh and tell Lou that I was successful. I wanted to, but I knew I couldn't. Harry trusted me. I need to let him sort this out. It ate at me, but I was an honest woman and I always kept my word.


Harry's POV

The door to the loft swung open and I quickly hung up on Eleanor. "Harry? Where are you?" he asked. I laughed. "In your room. I just woke up," I called to him. He jogged in and smiled when he saw me. " You were still asleep when I woke up, so I decided to treat you to breakfast. Then I remembered that I can't cook. So I went out and got something. I hope you like it," he muttered. I felt my cheeks burn as he handed me my food, grazing my hand with his. I opened the bag and smiled. "I love pancakes, especially with lemon and sugar," I said. He smiled. "I always have that in the kitchen if you want it," he offered. I shook my head. "No. These are perfect."

We finished breakfast, then he made me rush to change. No shower, no grooming, just change. I protested, but he was adamant. I sighed, but went back to my room and exchanged my dress clothes for a pair of grey sweatpants and a blue team shirt from Holmes Chapel. I met back out with him and spun. "Why are you showing me?" he asked. I frowned. "Aren't we picking up Jess?" I asked. "Yeah, so why should it matter what you wear?" he retorted, confused. I sighed. "Well, I wanted to make a god first impression without trying too hard," I explained. He cocked his head for a minute before he threw his head back and laughed. "You think Jess is my girlfriend or something, don't you?" he questioned. I nodded, pink donning my face. He smiled. "Harry, Jess is my two year old Ragamuffin. She's a cat. She won't care what you wear. As long as you pet her, she'll love you for life," he explained. I couldn't help but smile. His energy was contagious. "Okay, okay. Let's go get your cat," I said between giggles before running out to the car with Niall hot on my heels.

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