My Best Mate's Secret (NonFamous 1D)

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have been mates since primary school and tell each other everything. When Louis learns the one secret his best friend has been keeping from him, how would he react? Will they still be as thick as thieves, or will it separate them forever?


3. New Beginnings

The flight took longer than I had expect, but it all paid off when we touched down on the Irish soil. Something soothed inside of me and I knew that I could have a life here, But Harry Styles couldn't. I knew that the first thing I would have to do was to work to change my identity. I couldn't have anyone from Holmes Chaple finding me here, especially Louis. I grabbed my bags from above my head and scrambled off the aircraft, my intention in mind.

I exited the terminal, my head held high, when I ran into something, or someone, and knocked it over. I heard a loud 'humph' as it hit the ground. Quickly, I dropped my bags and rushed to right my wrong. Laying on the ground in front of me was probably the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen his eyes were squeezed shut, probably from the pain. It seemed like a pretty hard fall and I immediately regretted being so careless. I watched as he slowly lifted his hand to push his blonde locks out of his face. No, not blonde. His hair was brown. No, both. I stared at him in awe. I've never met a guy who actually dyed their hair blonde. I expected it to look bad, but it worked with his maintain, yet unruly style. I reached down and took his hand to help him back onto his feet. His eyes flashed open at my contact and I found myself getting lost in their perfect shade of blue, a deep, rich color, yet so light, that put all jewels to shame with just a bat of his long lashes. I felt my face reddening and let go of his hand as soon as he was back on his feet. He drank me in and smiled, extending a hand to me. "Thanks, mate. What's your name, if I may ask?" He asked in an adorable Irish accent and I knew that this was his home. I smiled, then shook his hand. "I'm Harry. Harry Styles. And you?" I asked, sounding normal and British. That thought made me laugh. The British? Normal? Please, that's a joke. He nodded. "I'm Niall Horan. It's great to meet you. So, are you in town to visit family? You don't sound like you're from around these parts," he pointed out. I chuckled. "Im not. I'm from Holmes Chapel. I'm moving here, though, but I've got no place to go while searching for an apartment or something," I explained, dropping my head. Since Niall was shorter than me, I saw his eyes light up. "If you want, you can stay at mine. At least, until you get back on your feet. I have my own loft in Mullinger, not far from here. It's gets pretty lonely there, being alone. But Jess is there, and she's really sweet. You'll love her," he assured me.

I felt my heart drop. Of course he's straight. He's too gorgeous not to be. And I'm sure this Jess girl is his girlfriend, so I know he's off the market, but I smiled anyway and nodded. He smiled and jumped up a bit. I grabbed my bags, rolling my eyes, and followed him out to his car. The boot was already open and there were bags inside. "Were you just landing in, too?" I asked. He nodded. "Yeah, I was visiting some friends in England. That's kind of ironic. I put my stuff in the car, but I couldn't find my phone. I went back in to look, then you knocked me down. But at least I found my cell!" He said excitedly, brandishing an iPhone from his back pocket. "Don't ask how I lost it," he requested. I just laughed and got in the car.

The drive seemed to drag on forever, but at least the radio was playing. Coldplay's Viva La Vida was coming through the speakers and I found myself singing along. "You should become a singer. You're really good," Niall said, causing me to studded and stop. I shook my head. "No way. Sing in front of people? I won't even sing in front of my shower," I stressed. He smiled. "Just saying, you're amazing. The world should know," he gushed. I felt my cheeks burn. "Um, thanks," I whispered. He chuckled and stopped the car. "Well," he started, scratching the back of his head. "This is home." I smiled and crawled out and walked to the boot of the car. He quickly opened it and I pulled out my bags as he removed his. I turned to face the building. It was large, for a loft apartment. "I'm on the third floor," Niall said from beside me, causing me to jump. I hadn't heard up to me. He laughed again. "Come on," he said, grabbing my hand and pulling me alongside him. It felt as if something had shocked me, the same way it had when Louis grabbed it. Was something wrong with me? I sighed, but let the blonde pull me inside.

We reached the floor quickly and Niall scrambled to stick the key in the lock. Walking inside, I was taken aback. It was like nothing I expected. The dark hardwood floors were spotless, the only covering being the furniture and a rug. The walls were a dark blue color, the opposite of his eyes, which were so light. I smiled. The kitchen sat in the other end of the room, and light poured in through the window above the sink. I noticed two closed doors to the left of us.

Niall put his hand in my shoulder an smiled when I looked down at him. "Those doors over there," he said softly, gesturing to the doors I had just seen. "The one on the far right is mine. The other is the spare room. It's yours for as long as you're here," he promised. I smiled at that and nodded. As I headed to put down my bags, I heard him say, "Go hop in the shower and get ready to leave. We're going out to eat with some friends of mine," and I did just that.
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