My Best Mate's Secret (NonFamous 1D)

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have been mates since primary school and tell each other everything. When Louis learns the one secret his best friend has been keeping from him, how would he react? Will they still be as thick as thieves, or will it separate them forever?


1. Breakdown

In this, Harry's 18, as usual, but Louis is only 19, not 21. It would be weird for the storyline if he was! I hope you enjoy!

Harry's POV

I lay on my bed, in the middle of a round of Call of Duty, when I received a new text message. I sighed, but paused since it wasn't an online match, and checked it. Tommo.

'Hey, what you up to tonight?'

I smiled. Louis 'Tommo' Tomlinson has been my best mate for as long as I can remember. He's always been by my side when I needed him and even when I didn't. He's the only person I've really been able to trust since my mum died and my dad started drinking. It got to the point where my sister, Gemma, moved out to one of her friend's places.

I quickly keyed back a reply, saying that I was doing nothing at the moment, and went back to my game. A few minutes passed and he finally texted me back.

'Then you're coming over. Now.'

I laughed. He would make me come over. I heard a crash from downstairs and my head turned in the direction of my door. "Harold!!" my father yelled, his words slurred. "Get down here now!!" I flinched at his voice. He was drunk. He's an abusive drunk and this wouldn't be the first time he's called me down. I shook my head and jumped off my bed. I snatched up my book bag from the floor by the foot of my bed and threw it on my bed, unzipping it quickly. I ran to my dresser and ripped out a shirt and some jeans, not caring which ones they were. Keeping my steps light, I hurried back to my bed and shoved them in my bag. I slipped on my black Chuck Taylors. I slipped my bag on my shoulder, grabbed my keys and my book, Meltdown, off of my desk and slid my window open.

I heard my father's footsteps on the landing, about six feet from my door. I scurried out the window, stepped into the branch the sat there, and slid it shut again, just as he opened my door.

I didn't stay to watch what happened. I jumped down onto the long grass that he had neglected to mow, fetched my car key and ran to the street. I climbed into my car and locked the doors. I pulled out my phone and quickly texted Tommo.

'Dad's drunk again. Crashing with you'

I put the key in the ignition and sped off, leaving my father behind.

Our home of Holmes Chapel was little. To me, at least. The village only had about six thousand people, and the ones I knew were rather nice. I've lived here my whole life and loved every second. Mainly because Tommo was right by my side. He really was my best friend in the literal and exaggerated meaning of the words. We've been inseparable since primary school. That's why I've never been able to tell him the truth. I've always been afraid, afraid he's go running and screaming for the hills. Louis would love to believe he knew everything about me, but he doesn't, and never will, because I need him in my life.

I pulled into his drive way, timid, and turned off my car. I always got a little frightened when I arrived, scared that, somehow, he had figured it out and would tell me that he hated me, that me never wanted to see me again, that I disgusted him. I sighed, got my bag from the back seat, and climbed out, trying to gather my courage to face him.

He must have heard me, because he ran from the front door at full speed. "Hazza!" He yelled, a huge smile plastered on his face. I chuckled. Despite the ten years we've known each other, the idiotic nicknames stuck. I shut my door and followed him inside my second home, my safe haven. I greeted his parents on the sofa. His mum gave me a soft smile, her blue eyes sparkling a bit. I waved to her and Mark, her husband and Louis' step father, and continued to Louis' room.

I plopped on his bed instantly, and as thoughts began running through my head, I quickly sat up and looked at him. "Thanks for taking me in, mate," I thanked, like I do every time. He spun around in his desk chair and smiled at me, causing my heart to falter. Again. "No problem, Hazza. You're my best friend. Besides, you're dad's a total arse when he's drunk. I care about you way too much for you to get hurt. Why don't you just leave, like Gemma?" He asked, looking down. He knew I missed my sister terribly. I didn't get to see her much since she lived in Bradford now, but she'll occasionally send letters or call when she misses me. I haven't heard from her recently, though. I sighed. "Lou, I know you're only looking out for me, but I gotta think about him. Who will he turn to when I'm not there? What will happen when he's Locked himself out and can't get in? Louis, I need to be there," I lied. I mean, I needed to be there, but only because it was the only place I still felt her, I still felt my mum.
Tommo looked away, at his computer screen. "I'm just saying, you deserve better than that. Hell, I could ask mum and Mark if we could take you in and they'd say yes in a heartbeat! Come on!" He urged, rising to his feet. I shook my head. "Tommo, no," I said in a quiet voice. Louis smiled again and grabbed my hand and attempted to pull me up. Something shocked me and I jumped up. He laughed and tugged me toward the door, but I slipped my hand from his, reluctantly. He stopped and turned to face me. "Harry, come on," he said, the excitement in his voice dying down. I looked to the ground, and shook my head. "Louis, I can't. I can't leave her," I whispered, fighting to keep the tears at bay. Memory after memory made themselves known.

My mum and I at the amusement park.

Us at the beach.

Her in the audience at my first performance.

But still one stuck out over the rest. The day she died.

"Harry," she whispered, voice weak. I stood up from my seat across her hospital room and walked to her side. It was only her and me, seeing as my dad had left to get something to eat. She smiled up at me, her eyes sparkling like freshly polished gems. I took her hand and I could feel her weak pulse. Even though I was only thirteen, I knew she didn't have much longer, and that thought put tears in my eyes. She stroked my face with her free hand and a tear rolled down her cheek. "Harry," she started again. "My sweet, sweet Harry. I love you, please never forget that. Never waste a single day crying over me. I'll always be smiling down watching you. I want to see you using that God given gift of yours. You can make people smile with it, you know. And Harry," she paused. I looked back at her, unaware that I ever looked away. "Always do what is best for you. Not Gemma, not your father, not Louis. For you." Those were her final words before her hand went limp under mine and her heart rate leveled out.

I fell, crumbled to the ground and clutched my heart. The tears fell easier now, just as they did five years ago. Louis ran to my side. "Harry!" He yelled. He fell to his knees at my side and pulled me into his lap. I vaguely remembered hearing his door open and people rushing in, but I paid them no mind. I just laid on Louis' lap as he ran his fingers through my hair and rubbed my back. "It's alright, Hazza. It's alright. I got you," he repeated over and over again. I knew it was a lie. It was not al- bloody- right. My mum was dead. My dad didn't care. Gemma left me. Except for Louis, I was utterly alone, but even he would leave once he knew. The second he hears it, he'll run.

I could never tell my best friend that I was in love with him.
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