I'll Be There

“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.”

- Sarah Dessen


12. Saying Goodbye

Hayley's POV


Caitlin had made us all a cup of tea and we sat at the dining table. It was quiet and we were all making small talk about the weather and seeing a counsellor. It was quite awkward so I asked Harry if he would like to come upstairs, he looked shocked with what I said so I grabbed his hand and led him to the stairs. He was patient with me as I walked up the stairs, careful of my ribs.


Harry's POV


She took me to her room and sat down on her bed. "So, Harry, when do you have to get back to your job?" she asked looking back up at me. A gut-wrenching feeling over took my stomach as the feeling of leaving her sunk in. "Um I have a concert tonight and then I'm staying in the area for a couple of weeks before going on tour again" I replied, eager to know what her reaction would be. "oh, right yeah that's fine I guess but what time do you have to leave for the sow tonight." She acted like it was nothing but I knew it hurt her. "About 5 o'clock, why" I questioned. "Oh just wondering" she sounded  down so I grabbed her chin and pulled her head up gently so it was only inches from my face. Her blue eyes staring into mine, and a gold lock of hair falling in front of her eyes. I gently moved it from her face and tucked it behind her hair "Your so beautiful" I whispered. She looked down at the bed and her cheeks went pink. I lifted her chin again, "Look, just because I have to leave doesn't mean your never going to see me again"


Hayley's POV   


I knew the truth; he was never going to come back once he left and even though I had only known him for two days I had feelings for him that I had never had for anyone else. I think he could tell that I didn't believe him so he grabbed my cheeks and pulled me in for a kiss. The saying about having butterflies in your stomach was very inappropriate for what I was feeling. It was more like a stampede of elephants running around inside me. I wanted to stay like that forever. We separated from the kiss and he smiled at me before pulling me in to a big, warm hug. He made me feel safe and it was a first time in ages and it made me feel so special. He made me feel so special.


Harry's POV


I held her in my arms for ages until I realised that she was asleep, I don't blame her; she hadn't gotten a lot of sleep in the past 12 hours so I lay her down gently on her bed. I lay down beside her and watch her for a while, think of how much I was going to miss her when I left. Millions of thoughts were rushing around in my head until I felt myself drift of to sleep.



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