I'll Be There

“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.”

- Sarah Dessen


5. Help

Hayley's POV


Once we had gotten away from the huge crowds of screaming and crying girls Caitlin shouted "Should we go out and PARTAAAYYY?!!" "Yeaahh" replied all of her friends, obviously still hyped up from the phenomenal concert.

I agreed to come along as the bar was just across the road from the arena. Once in the bar Caitlin ordered a drink for all her friends but since I wasn't legal yet I just had a juice. "Hey Caitlin!" I yelled over the loud music, "I might catch a cab home because I'm really tired". "Are you sure babe? It's late?" she sounded worried, "Oh yeah I'll be fine! I'll just get a cab outside here Okay and I'll text you when I get home" it took her a while to comprehend what I had just said to her and judging by the stench of alcohol it was beacuse she was drunk. "Okay, I'll see you later" she smiled a slurred smile at me before heading back towards her group of friends who were danced clumsily on the dance floor. I chuckled at them before making my way out to the exit.

I held my hand out at a cab but it seemed to ignore me as it had people inside it already. I waited shivering in the cold for a nother cab to come but because we were on a back street there weren't any cabs.

I was starting to get impatient while playing in my phone when a strong hand violently grabbed my face and pulled my back in to the blackness of a nearby alley. I could tell that who ever grabbed me was a man due to the rough stubble on his cheeks that were rubbing against mine and his grip across my waist and mouth was only stroing enough to have been a man.

I was trying to scream for help but his strong grip was covering my mouth stopping me from calling for help. He dragged me for what seemed like ages untill we reached a dark spot in the alley that was shadowed by a huge bin.

He threw me down harshly against the cold pavement and I swore at that moment I could feel something inside me break and the pain was unbearable. I yelped out in pain and felt salty tears run down my pink cheeks. I screwed up my face as he threw several punches at the left side of my face. "Arhhh, please just take what ever you want" I managed to squeeze out. "You know what, I might just do that!" He said as he grabbed my clutch purse and iphone of the pavement. His voice made me shudder as he ran back up the alley and out of sight.

I was to weak to yell or scream and I was in too much pain to be able to move or try escape from the frightening darkness so I just lay there, on the cold pavement, crying and hoping someone would rescue me from this nightmare. Then as suddenly as this whole mess started, everything went black...

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