I'll Be There

“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.”

- Sarah Dessen


3. Getting Ready

Hayley's POV


I looked through my closet and managed to find a plain black dress that went to my mid-thigh. I decided to choose some red converse to make it look more casual as well as  cross necklace that hung low across chest. I also chose a little red clutch purse to put my phone and some cash in.

I still had a few hours before we were going to pick up Caitlin's friends who lived a while away. I decided to have a shower and wash my thick golden hair.

My shower woke me up from my tired state and I was ready to start getting ready. I blow-dryed and straightened my hair so it wasn't to puffy and hard to deal with. I decided to leave my now straight hair down so it hung loosely down across my chest and back. Once I had done my hair and makeup I got dressed into my dress and accessories.

Almost like it was perfect timing Caitlin and Emily called out to me from the hallway and I made my way down the hall. "You guys look great!" I said, staring at them both. Caitlin was in a marroon coloured chiffon dress with black converse and had her beachy waves tossed down across her shoulders. Emily was in a white lacy dress with navy blue vans and her hair was in a plait loosely across her left shoulder. "So do you!" they both said simultaneously. "Thanks" I said looking at the ground. "Okay, should we go pick up Jamie and Mikayla?" asked Caitlin. "Yeap, lets go!" I said grinning at them both and heading towards the door.


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