I'll Be There

“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.”

- Sarah Dessen


11. Coming Home

Hayley's POV


"Its this one here"  I said while pointing to my house. It was a mansion and was a dark grey colour, it wasn't very friendly looking. He pulled over to the driveway. He quickly hopped out of the car and jogged round to my side before I could get out. He grabbed me around the waist and placed me down on the ground gently, "Thanks Harry but my injuries aren't that serious" I giggled. "I know, but I would hate for you to get hurt again." He said blushing slightly. "Come On, my sister is probably freaking out" I grabbed him by the hand and took him inside. "This place is amazing!" He said looking around at the high ceilings. "Are your parents gonna be here?" He asked, a hint of nervousness coming through in his voice. "Um, its a long story" I said, hoping he would drop the subject.


"Caitlin!" I called out. It echoed throughout the walls of my house. I hated it when that happened, it made this house feel like it wasn't a home. "Oh My God! Your Here! Are you okay, I have been worried si-" She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Harry standing beside me.


Harry's POV


She froze when she saw me. I guessed she was a bigger fan of One Direction than Hayley was. I gave her a smile and her jaw dropped. "Um, Hi I'm Harry" I stepped forward with my arm held out to shake. "Yeah, I-I know who y-you are, um, I'm Caitlin" She was shaking when she held her hand forward to shake mine. "It was almost like se snapped out of a trance and looked back at Hayley. "So, what happened to you?" Caitlin asked a crease forming in between her eyebrows, she looked more concerned than she did angry.

"Um, well ah, last night when I was outside the dairy, um  I," Hayley started to cry, not hard but sad little tears rolled down her cheeks, I wanted to hold her in my arms so badly but her sister would probably freak out more than she would be once she knew what happened. "Hey, lets go sit down" Caitlin said kindly, taking Hayley by the hand and bringing us in to a large living room. Hayley and I sat down on one of the brown leather couches while Caitlin sat on another couch opposite us. "Well, last night when I was waiting for a cab a guy came from behind me and um," she was crying very hard now and I couldn't resist wrapping her in my arms. Once I grabbed her she nuzzled in to my shoulder. Caitlin looked a little shocked but didn't say anything, it was almost like she understood and I think she could tell how much I appreciated it by the look I gave her.


Hayley's POV


I released from Harry warm grip even though I wanted to stay like that forever. "So, he grabbed me and he kicked me a-and he p-punched me and then he ran away, and I think he took my purse and phone, and then he just left me there" I was staring in to space and I had to take a deep breath before I turned to Harry and said "and I-I think I blacked out a few times but then um, Harry came and he saved me" Caitlin looked shocked, and I don't blame her. She held out her arms and I went over and gave her a big hug. Sometimes even things as small as a hug can mean more than the world.

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