I'll Be There

“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.”

- Sarah Dessen


10. Caitlin

Hayley's POV


We chatted in the cafeteria for ages. The conversations came easily although I was still slightly nervous being around such a celebrity. A few times Harry got asked for signatures and photos but it didn't phase me, it was his life and he couldn't be blamed for that. Once we started to head back up to my hospital room, it was like a wave hit me when I remembered about Caitlin! "Shit" I mumbled. Harry turned to look at me, "Sorry, was that me?! Is it your ribs that's hurting?" His green eyes made me want to melt inside. "No, it's not you it's just that I forgot about contacting my sister and telling her that I was okay!" I started to hurry back to my room but almost fell to the ground; the pain reminding me of what had happened the previous night. Harry was quick to my side catching me before I hit the floor. I weakly smiled at him, "Thanks" I said. His only reaction being a nod and small smile as we headed to the room.


Harry's POV


I helped her back to her room, careful of her injuries. Once we were in her hospital room She felt around where her pockets would have been, only remembering that she was now in a hospital gown. "Where are my clothes from last night? Do you know" She looked at me with a flustered look on her face. "Oh yeah they are just over there" I pointed to the table next to the chair I had been sitting on. "Oh, thanks" She limped over to the table and felt into her front and back pockets. "Oh my gosh, he must of taken my phone!" She said with a small tear rolling down her cheek, thinking about him had obviously triggered memories of last night. I pulled her in as we sat down on the bed and wiped the tears rolling down her rosy cheeks with my thumb, "Here, use my phone" I smiled as I brought my phone out from my jeans pocket. "But Caitlin just got a new phone and I don't know her number!" it made her cry even harder, "Hey" I said while lifting her chin up with my hand "how about I drive you home so we can find her there" I smiled at her which made her blush. I grabbed her hand and we managed to slip through the corridors and into my car that was parked just outside the hospital.

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