Angels and Time

OK FIRST: this is for Whovian/Directioners. if you don't watch doctor who, i am pretty sure none of this will make sense to you. also if you dont know who 1D is then you will have no idea who one of the main characters are. ok thanks for reading. feel free to leave feedback. thanks:).

Samantha had a tough life, and one morning she woke up and everything had changed.. There were statues of angels everywhere, and if you didn't look at them, they'd kill you. Theres only one who can help her stop them, but he may be an alien as well...
With the people she meets along the way, she may have to choose between love and life.


2. Just Blink

Louis's POV

We had just finished yet another world tour, and i was finally getting a break, dont get me wrong, i love the boys, but i did want to go somewhere for the summer. Me and my mum decided to go to town today, "Mum! All ready?" I yelled from the car. She could take forever to get ready if she took her time. She walks out her front door. "Lets go, Lou" she says and hops into the driver seat.

We get to a small town that mum wanted to show me for some reason. It was strange, people seemed frantic to get off the streets. They were running from statues. How funny, they were just statues, ok maybe they were creepy statues, but....

"Mum, where are we..?"
"In a town. Not far from ours."
"Mum..... What? are you trying to scare me? Like 'oh no creepy statues and crazy mad people!'"
"Seems like its working."
"Oh dont get your knickers in a twist."
"Grandmum taught you that." I stuck my tongue out at her and crossed my arms. We pull up to a small bakery, sort of like the one Harry used to work at. "We're here."
"Which is a..." I fake drumroll. "BAKERYY!" I say with fake enthusiasm.
"Louis. No. Its where i get those biscuits and tea,"
"OHHH! Alright mum. You get your biscuits and tea, ill wait out here in the car." She went into the bakery and i sat in the car staring out the window, i wondered why everyone was so afraid if those statues.
I looked across the street and saw a blue police box. Must be old, i didnt think they had those anymore. A girl walked out of it followed by a tall man in a blue suit. The girl looked around, surprise covered her face. She was really cute. She pointed in the direction of a statue and the man ran toward it. She stayed behind, scared. She looks over this way and i turn my head away quickly, not wanting her to notice me watching. I see her walk into the bakery and i hop out of the car, before i know what im doing, and walk in to the bakery. I run into my mum she was just coming out. "Oh Lou, i thought you were staying.."

"Oh uh... I um.. Im gonna get some tea too.." I say looking past mum at tge girl, she was facing the other way. Mum followed my gaze. "Ohh, riight.... Well i'll just be in the car then...." She walks past me out to the car. I walk up to the girl, she was pouring some tea for herself. "Uh, hello." She jumps
"Oh sorry didnt mean to scare you.."

"Oh hi, uh, no, its ok." She turns around to face me. "Oh wow. Hi."

"Yes we've established the hello's already. Im Louis." I say and extend my hand to her, "Sam... Well, Samantha, but i usually go by Sam to most people.." I smile at her, and she blushes.
"Nice to meet you Sam."

"You as well, Louis." She smiles and finally meets my eyes. She has beautiful green ones. Like Harry, i laugh to myself. "Um well." She looks out the window and i follow her gaze and she the man that was in the police box, he was waving his hands as if trying to communicate, "the Doctor calls i guess."
"What...?" I say, confused.
"Oh sorry," she laughs, "its all very confusing, but if you'd like an explanation you could join us in..." She hesitates, like she doesnt know how to word what she wants to say. "Join us in alien searching.....? No no its more like alien capturing..... I dont know. Long story.." I must have looked at her like she was crazy, because she laughed at my face. "I know, now you probably think im a mental weirdo.... But im not joking.."
"Ohh.. Can you prove that...?" I smirk at her.
"Yes." She says matter-of-factly, "look at that statue across the street" she points to a angel statue. "Right ok keep looking at it," she looks around, "Ok , we're the only ones looking at it ok. Now, we're gonna close our eyes for two seconds, not even, just blink ok? 1, 2, 3," we blink and the statue has moved towards a woman standing by, its arms stretched out. "Wwoah... It moved... By itself..? Its not possible...." I stammer
"It is possible because it just happened. Do you believe me?"
"Y-yes... Can i.. Uhm. Can i go with you? To figure this out i mean.." She smiles. "Yeah, fine with me."
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