Angels and Time

OK FIRST: this is for Whovian/Directioners. if you don't watch doctor who, i am pretty sure none of this will make sense to you. also if you dont know who 1D is then you will have no idea who one of the main characters are. ok thanks for reading. feel free to leave feedback. thanks:).

Samantha had a tough life, and one morning she woke up and everything had changed.. There were statues of angels everywhere, and if you didn't look at them, they'd kill you. Theres only one who can help her stop them, but he may be an alien as well...
With the people she meets along the way, she may have to choose between love and life.


1. 00:00

I woke up starving, my aunt had sent me to bed without dinner last night. I looked at my clock 00:00, ok somethings not right.. I grab my phone and look at the clock on there. 00:00. "what the Heck?"
I get dressed and walk down the stairs, maybe my cousin is playing a trick on me.

"Drew!!" he's not here.... Strange.. Maybe he went to his friends house after dinner last night. I start eating my breakfast, toast with jelly, same everyday.

"Nancy?" my aunts not here either, she usually wakes me up at 5am to get cleaning the house. I look at the clock in the kitchen. 00:00.
"ok somethig is definitely wrong... NANCY??!!" I knew I would probably get grounded for yelling in the house, even though Drew never does, but I don't know what else to do.
"Ok calm down, they've been gone like this before" I say to try to calm myself. It's not working I'm scared because something feels..... I don't know it just feels off. I look outside and see the norm, people on and off the streets, but people look scared to walk outside, most look terrified. Then I see these two men staring at a statue of an Angel, most people are staying away from that statue. I wonder why, it doesn't look very scary. I look around again, some people who are usually there on a Saturday morning are gone and there families look worried. I look back to the statue, it's moved and one of the two men are gone. How can a STATUE move? It looks so much more terrifying, it's hands, instead of covering it's face like before, are stretched out reaching for the man, with nails extremely long, for a statue, and pointy, it's mouth is open and it's teeth are showing, razor sharp. I'm scared now to, I blink, And it's gone, along with the man that was standing next to it. I scream. What is happening?

I turn around, I go to my room and get a backpack and start packing things. I have no idea what I'm planning to do, but I'm leaving this place. I've been wanting to do it for a while, my aunt and cousin treat me like dirt and half the time they forget I'm here. Now is the perfect opportunity to go. With everyone to busy being afraid no one will notice me leave. I pack all my books and music-a total of 4 books and my music, CDs thrown away by my aunt, consists of just my iPod- and then I get a suitcase and pack my clothes. I look at my room, considerably empty now, it didn't have much in it to begin with. Now just my bed and a desk/chair remains. I put on my backpack and pick up my suitcase and start walking towards the door. As soon as I get down the stairs i see something, in the corner of my eye, it's one of those statues I turn to it. This one looks like that one the first time I looked at it, its hands covering it's face. I have to make it out the door. Keeping my eyes on it I inch towards the door, I blinked, that was a mistake, it's closer now, much closer.

"Ok, so no blinking then, huh? All I gotta do is keep my eyes on you," I blink one eye, that worked, as long as I can see it, it will not move, I make my way to the door, going faster this time, blinking one eye at a time, keeping my stare on it. I get to the door, feel for the handle, when I have it I go outside slamming the door behind me locking it, I'm happy I brought a key. I look through the door window, it's face there, mouth open teeth pointed and razor sharp.
I run down the street, my backpack on and suitcase in tow, in this small town we have statues everywhere, but none of them are angels so they cant do anything. Right?

I run so fast I'm losing my breath, my legs hurt. How long have I been running? Couldnt have been that long, I just came to the gas station about 3 miles away from my house. I don't have any money to get anything but I could use the restroom and stay until I know there is none of those creepy statues outside.

After going to the bathroom, I sat on my suitcase just outside the entrance to the gas-station, then I see it. A little blue telephone/police box. "I thought they only had those in Britain" I wonder out loud.
Then a man wearing a dark blue suit walks out of the police box, tall, skinny, but handsome.

"Hello" he says "I'm the doctor, and you look like your running away from something."


"What?" I say surprised "who are you?"

"I'm the doctor, who are you?" he says

"Uh, I'm Samantha Mathews"

"Nice to meet you Samantha, now could you tell me what you were running from?"

"Um what?" he couldn't possibly mean my aunt....

"I got a call from someone saying the angels were here.. Do you know anything about that?"

"Wha....." oh the statues... How could he possibly know about the statues?? "Oh, the Angel statues!? Yes there here. Well not here, but there" I point in the direction of where I came.

"Oh, not good, really not good" he says shaking his head "Can you show me where they are?"

"I don't want to go back there... They scare me." i say shivering

"Well it's good to be afraid, that's what keeps you alive. How many have you seen? Statues in general I mean."

"Um, well our town has at least 10 little statues just around the Town, but I only saw 5 of them when I was running. And I saw 2 different angel ones."

"Only 10? That's good at least. Last time I had to deal with 30.

"what do you mean 'last time'? You've seen these things before? You know what they are? You know how to get rid of them?"

"Yes, I've seen them before. I'm still not sure exactly how to get rid of them. As long as a living thing is looking at them they can't move, they become stone, but when you look away they're deadly creatures, they take your future time energy away by sending you back in time, that's what they live off of, time energy."

I just stand there starring at him...
"What??" I say finally

"oh just c'mon!" He yells and walks up and takes my hand and suitcase. He walks us into the police box he came out of.

I just stare. "Oh my....." I trail off looking around the thing I'm standing in...

"Long story short, it's bigger on the inside..." he says as he shuts the door and starts messing with some controls, at least I think theyre controls..
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