Back for you

Emily, the 17 year old directioner, from London. Who like most of the population of teenagers all over the world dreams of marrying him, her dreams get lost, is it really close to happening? No. This mystery man would give her feelings that no one else could give her, love, lost, and hatred. Would never seeing him, or thinking about him again going to help. surely not. Well, you could say that this story, these events would leave you wanting, wondering, maybe even crying.


10. We made our way

We made our way through the house. To my room. We were still kissing and he was carrying me all the way. We wouldn't stop kissing. We just kissed. I undid his buttoned shirt. He moaned. This made me want him even more. I went down, kissing his stomach and making my way to my knee's. I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down. He got hold of my arms and pulled me up. He unwrapped me. I was naked, and we were just cuddling. We were wearing nothing. I decided to whisper "I love you..." He started thrusting. He moaned as I kissed his neck. "Ughh!". He carried me to the bed and dropped me on it. 

This was going on for hours. He was sweating as we shared our bodies. He was panting and out of breathe. I was giggling. "I...I LOVE YOU EMILY! AH!" He said, whilst panting. He went down and kissed me. We decided that maybe it was time to stop. He laid down on the other side of the bed..just smiling with his hands under his head. Smiling. 

HE WAS BACK! My Harry Edward Styles was back! 

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