Back for you

Emily, the 17 year old directioner, from London. Who like most of the population of teenagers all over the world dreams of marrying him, her dreams get lost, is it really close to happening? No. This mystery man would give her feelings that no one else could give her, love, lost, and hatred. Would never seeing him, or thinking about him again going to help. surely not. Well, you could say that this story, these events would leave you wanting, wondering, maybe even crying.


13. The boys are back

After 3 weeks of living with Harry and mum I decided to invite the other boys over. There music career was back, and Harry wanted everyone together. But my mum was getting a bit stressed out, maybe it was time for me and Harry to find out own apartment. Or anything to get out of my mums way. 

"So..What even happened?" Liam asked. "Oh..I'm sorry I can't really ask that! I'm so sorry Emily!" He said, ashamed. This was funny, we all laughed. "Ha! Liam, honestly..Its fine. He just came back for me!" I said with a cheeky look at him. He blew me a kiss which made me cringe. "..So. Erm..Do you want to tell your mum?" Harry asked. I was now 19 years old and had a apartment with Harry. But I had a secret that needed to come out. The only people that knew what was happening was me, and Harry. 

I looked at him, scared. Rubbing my stomach. "I..Don't..I don't know I'm scared I guess. What will she say?" I asked, walking up to him. He hugged me and rubbed the bottom of my back. "Babe..She will be the happiest..Mother in the world. She's not just a mother..She's a G.." Harry started talking, but the phone rang. Harry picked up the phone, looked at it, and then said "Its your mother..Here..Tell her!". I looked at the phone, scared. I answered. "MUM..yeah..Yeah..I have news will you be able to come over...Tonight..Yeah..Can't you cancel it...BUT I NEED TO TELL YOU..Ok..Here goes. IM PREGNANTTT!..DONT GET MAD IM SORRY OK IT WASN'T PLANNED AND I NEED TO GET IT OUT OK I LOVE YOU YOU CAN TALK TO HARRY NOW BYE.." I passed the phone to Harry..After speaking so fast I breathed out, with a dramatic noise. 


"BABE! YOU DID IT! NOW DARCY STYLES IS KNOWN TO HER GRANDMOTHER! WELL DONE BABE.." He hugged me, then he kissed me. I felt more relieved it was out now. 


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