Back for you

Emily, the 17 year old directioner, from London. Who like most of the population of teenagers all over the world dreams of marrying him, her dreams get lost, is it really close to happening? No. This mystery man would give her feelings that no one else could give her, love, lost, and hatred. Would never seeing him, or thinking about him again going to help. surely not. Well, you could say that this story, these events would leave you wanting, wondering, maybe even crying.


14. Everything is fine

41erything was fine now. The baby was due in four months and we were really happy. I  saw Chloe again, we were more close than before we argued! This was the best couple of months anyone could ask for! I never saw my dad, but he hurt us all! On the plus side my mum is seeing a fisherman, he went to her school! Everything was perfect. And if anything ruined this..I thought I wouldn't have made it! Harry and the other boys were so special to me! I thought nothing could ever ruin this..

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