Back for you

Emily, the 17 year old directioner, from London. Who like most of the population of teenagers all over the world dreams of marrying him, her dreams get lost, is it really close to happening? No. This mystery man would give her feelings that no one else could give her, love, lost, and hatred. Would never seeing him, or thinking about him again going to help. surely not. Well, you could say that this story, these events would leave you wanting, wondering, maybe even crying.


3. Chloe's house

I rang the cold, metal door bell. I stood there for a moment to realize someone was coming, a man. He opened the door and smiled. "Hi, erm is Chloe here?" I asked him. "Yeah, go up to her room." He replied. Who was the man? As far as I'm concerned I knew that Chloe's dad is in Australia doing business and doesn't come home at all. And this man was rather young to be a father of a 17 year old. He looked 25. 

I made my way to her bedroom. I heard music coming from the pink bedroom door. ONE DIRECTION. I opened the door. This album was mine I lent her so she could listen to how 'GOOD' they sounded. I opened the door. She was on her bed, and on her laptop. "I DON'T BELIEVE IT!" I shouted. "IM ONLY LISTENING TO IT EMILY!" She said. No, not this..Its great that your listening to it..basically, ONE DIRECTON LIVE WITH ME. "I mean..GUESS WHO'S LIVING WITH ME" I said. I looked down embarrassed. I heard her moan, thinking. "WHO..HARRY STYLES? HA!" She said. Actually yes.He does live with me. But she laughed. If I tell her she's right then she'd think that I'm joking. So I asked her to come with me. She was asking the whole entire journey who it was. I can't tell her. I just walked, ignoring her. 

I opened my door to hear the boys "Nothings fine I'm torn!" I heard Harry busting out. And the backing 'HMMS' Coming from the other four boys. I felt weak. I sat on the dining table, I asked her to walk up to the  'Work Station'. She looked at me like I  was mad. I just ignored her, and got out my iPod, and my iPhone. I clicked the button and slide it open to unlock it, as I did I heard a scream. 

I ran up the stairs to find Chloe sat against my bedroom door, crying. She saw me and pointed, her face was white. I nodded, just nodded.I knew that she saw them and I knew they was close to me and I peaked near the door of the 'WORK STATION'. Wasn't really working now.

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