Back for you

Emily, the 17 year old directioner, from London. Who like most of the population of teenagers all over the world dreams of marrying him, her dreams get lost, is it really close to happening? No. This mystery man would give her feelings that no one else could give her, love, lost, and hatred. Would never seeing him, or thinking about him again going to help. surely not. Well, you could say that this story, these events would leave you wanting, wondering, maybe even crying.



The whole family, well now I should class One Direction as my family, was sat eating Chicken and chips from the local fast food store. "This is nice!" Niall said, stuffing in some chips. We all enjoyed it but it was awkward for us to be eating in front of the boys. I smiled at Niall, now more confident.Chloe told me that I have to be confident with them or they won't notice me. I decided to ask a question. "So what song are you working on?" That was the question. Anyone could answer that and I didn't care who.I just didn't want to be known as the shy one. (THE SHY ONE. NO!) Niall looked at the other boys to see if they'd answer. I felt stupid. Was it a silly question to ask? "ERM..SORRY!" I said, as I played with my lunch. Niall looked over. "Well..We aren't really working on anything to be honest with ya! I think were just singing random songs to get our voice a bit stronger!" He said. I smiled. We then had about 10 minutes of silence on the table. We all finished our dinner but we was all too scared to make the first move and get off the table. I had enough. I couldn't do this. I got of the table and walked up the stairs.

Harry's POV:

We all had dinner, we had Chicken and Chips..It was lovely. We sat on the table like a real, proper family which was great seen as though I was missing my family. We all was eating when Niall decided to eat really loud! Emily looked at him and smiled. Was she into him? She didn't notice me in the car when we first met! We both then had our heads down, when a sweet voice coming from the other side of the table spoke. "So what song are you working on?" She said. Niall looked at me as if he wanted me to answer. I felt embarrassed talking to her. For so much time now I have been classed as the flirt, but with someone I really like, I get as shy as any other lad would be. She put her head down. I felt really bad. But then she spoke again. "ERM..SORRY!" I was gonna speak and reply to her. I didn't want her feeling awkward and not wanted in a conversation. I opened my mouth to speak, but my voice and opinion was been taken over. By Niall. "Well we aren't really working on anything to be honest with ya! I think were just singing random songs to get our voice a bit stronger!" I looked over at her, she was again smiling at him. I felt as if she wanted him and not me. I really wanted her to WANT me. After that question and answer, we was sat on the table for like 10-15 minutes, just looking at each other. I didn't know what was going on. But Emily  shot out of her chair and walked up the stairs. Was she in a mood? Surely not!

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