Just the way it is

This is the story which was meant to happen may be just the way it is. Sometimes we ignore obvious things in life and chase behind all the unnecessary things in life. And we realize what we wanted is right in front of our eyes.May it is the way of revealing the importance of things.


1. Just a call

The phone rang middle of night, it was around 2 a.m, so late, Riya woke with a shock. The phone was ringing  so loud vibrating, she got up and saw the number flashing on the screen , and just did not know what to do. Should she pick up or ignore and go back to the cozy blanket.

It stopped ringing and left her upset and then again it rang, this time with her heart throbbing and racing so fast,she picked up and said,"Hello, who is this ?" Even though she knew who was it. 

And from other side she just heard I am Sorry and phone disconnected. What was it, middle of night, no courtesies exchanged and just a Sorry. Why this call and why today, she saw it was 26th January anyway. So this Sorry, after 3 years.

She just kept the call and went back to bed. Her eyes full of tears and heart aching with pain. She wanted to dial back and call the person again and ask the explanation to this weird call. But she just couldn't, or she can't.

And she was so shocked, she did not realize when her eyes closed off and she slept off, with some things flashing in front of her eyes. 

And with a question why now, why today, why this call, but guess she had answers for all this or not.

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