Taking Chances

Everyone has someone they don't like. Except Winter despises a certain person. His name being Louis Tomlinson. Through her eyes he's a selfish little brat. Basically the only reason she doesn't like him is because he is number one in the school which leaves winter one behind him. He came in in the middle of Grade 11 and so called 'blew everyone away' as he sung his song for his audition to get into the school. Winter was the best but she got taken over by Louis.
Any normal person would be grateful that they have achieved a high mark but no, Winter came from a competitive family and she will stop at nothing to claim her title back..


3. Secrets revealed

Taking Chances

Chapter 3

Secrets revealed


Molly's P.O.V

I looked over at Harry, at his and his friends table all the way at the other end of the lunch hall, and sighed. I know Winter doesn't like us being together, but he's my boyfriend for Christ's sake! I can't even sit with him, let alone kiss him in bloody public! He looked over at me and blew a kiss. God, he is so sweet! I pretended to catch it and blew it back. Winter came down and sat down next to me, giving me a disgusted look, cause she'd obviously just saw what I did, and I gave Harry an apologetic look and continued my gaze in Winter's direction. Some people were following her,   (As always), but they soon left. It's not the same with Harry. Louis let's him date me because if Winter gets closer to him he wins. It's as simple as that..                          

But I can just see them together, they would make such a cute couple! Just imagine Louis and Winter walking around, holding each other's hands, smiling and looking lovingly into each other's eyes. Everyone crowding them saying 'awwwww!' But of course I don't say that out loud because you don't know Winter like I do, If I even say their names together in a nice sentence she would slap me right across the face.

"What did you and Louis get called up to the office for?" Nalani asks. Before Winter could answer I looked back at Harry and she kicked my shin. Not hard but I still said 'ow' any way. I quickly got Harry's attention and did a special head nod. He smirked at me and stood up. I did the same. He winked at me and I roll my eyes. Everyone at the table was looking at me weirdly.

"I am just going  to the toilet, kay?" I said and just as i was about to put my chair in and leave, Winter spoke.

"Would you like me to come with you, Molly? 'Cause I need to go to," she smiled fake innocently at me. God she was just like Blair  off 'Gossip Girl'. 

"No, it's alright, I don't need to hold onto someones hand while I go take a whazz, I'm not 3," I did the same smile back and turned to leave. Then I heard a chair creaking on the ground and i shuddered at the sound. (Ha ha that rhymes!) Not only at the sound, but I knew Winter was coming to ruin my chance of having some alone time *wink wink* with MY BOYFRIEND!!! I grunted as she caught up with me.

"Look, I know what you're going to do and you better not go through with it because you will bring our groups closer and that's not what anyone wants. Louis and I- just, no. Molly you don't understa-" Before she could finish, I butted in.

"Oh I do understand, Winter. I understand very well in fact. And to my understanding" I paused realizing I had said the word to many times. I guess we both noticed because she was looking at me weirdly. But I kept going. 'You are to scared to get closer to Louis because you are scared that he will win this twisted game you two probably don't even realize you are playing. And you don't even let me hang out with my own fucking boyfriend! You're becoming more and more popular and your pushing us down to watch you and Louis take all the credit!" I basically yelled.

"Wow.." was all she could say. Maybe I did take it a bit to far..

"No, Molly, I need to tell you something for you to understand it.." she said. At this point I was curious to know.

"Well.. Tell me!" I said eager to know.

"It's kind of a big something.." Winter said rubbing her elbow with the opposite arms hand.

"Well, okay, but you can't laugh or scream or just- i don't know, just tell me what i did was wrong! And i know it was wrong and I'm never doing it agai-"

"Just friggin tell me!" I said, starting to grow impatient. Winter took a deep breath after a bit of a pause. Okay, what ever this is must of been big..

"I-I did, I had s-sssessex with Louis Tomlinson." She breathed, struggling with the first part but when she got to 'Louis Tomlinson' Winter said it so fast i basically couldn't understand her. I stood there, shocked. Harry came up to us with a devious smile on his face, but then he saw me and I couldn't even move. I stood there, frozen with shock, pure shock..

Winter obviously didn't know he was there, because she kept going..

"We were both drunk and it was a party and it was just a little fling and it's never going to happen ever again" She said slurring her words and speaking really fast.

"Wait who?" Harry asked, clearly confused.

"Just Louis.." she said  not realizing it was him, but when she did Winter squealed.

"What are you doing here?" She screeched.

Harry's face was now the same as mine. Winter stood there a face full of embarrassment, then she scoffed, probably thinking 'Now the whole world knows'.  Me and Harry looked at each other, but I couldn't help the smile spreading across my face.

"I-is that why t-the te-two of you hate each other?" Harry finally spoke up, I'm glad someone did.

"Well that and the fact that he stole my title and rubs it in my face every day." She said rather quickly.

"And something else.." Winter added, her voice barely a whisper.

"We-well, what i-is it?" I asked, still shocked, but I wanted to know more.

"After we.. you know, and this was before he became number one, well it was before I even came to this school, it was year 10 at a public school we both went to. Any way, I thought we were like together or something, but obviously not.. because one day I heard him talking to his friends and the horrible names he called me. He was saying things like 'That dumb bitch was a virgin until I was finished with her'. Louis broke my heart, I was so dumb and young and stupid then. Any way, that didn't die down for a long time, and I couldn't take it any more. I dropped out in year 10 because of that jerk. Then I found out I could sing and my parents thought of enrolling me in a school like this, so they did. After about a year here, Louis arrived again and everything, you know the rest.."

I hugged her and saw Harry just standing there awkwardly so I told him (nicely) to go. So he did and, still hugging Winter I saw him walk off, his face full of thought, and then when Harry was out of sight, someone else came from around another corner. Someone who came just at the wrong time, well, knowing this now, it's always the wrong time when it's Louis Tomlinson.

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