Taking Chances

Everyone has someone they don't like. Except Winter despises a certain person. His name being Louis Tomlinson. Through her eyes he's a selfish little brat. Basically the only reason she doesn't like him is because he is number one in the school which leaves winter one behind him. He came in in the middle of Grade 11 and so called 'blew everyone away' as he sung his song for his audition to get into the school. Winter was the best but she got taken over by Louis.
Any normal person would be grateful that they have achieved a high mark but no, Winter came from a competitive family and she will stop at nothing to claim her title back..


2. More singing and Surprises at the principal's?

Taking Chances

Chapter 2

More singing and surprises at the principal's?


Me and the girls sit down and the next group is called up. Molly, Nalani and Candice are in it. They sing 'Girl On Fire,' by Alicia Keys, and they sung it really well. And Candice surprised us all by doing the raps Nicki Minaj does. Jesus Christ she's good. She never told anyone that she could rap!

The last group for the girls went up and then it was time for the boys. There was hardly any boys in our class, maybe two groups could make it in there. Some guys went up and sung A-Team, by Ed Sheeran. It was enjoyable but they didn't have the power in their voices. Even if Ed's voice is really soft, they just didn't suit it.

Finally, the last group of the class.. and Louis Tomlinson was in it.. Along with Liam Payne and Harry Styles. Two other guys, who were a part of Louis' little gang, joined them. Zayn Malik and Niall Horan. They walked up and were told to sing 'Fireflies' by Owl City. Just the same as all of the other groups, they talked about the solo's and when they finished Louis smirked and nodded  his head at me. I smirked too, sitting back in my chair and folding my arms.

"You would not believe you eyes

if ten million fireflies

lit up the wall as i fell asleep" Louis started out the song, with his so called 'amazing' voice. I mean it was pretty good, if you think about it. No, Winter, what are you on. He's the 'enemy'.

The boys finished the song and  everyone clapped, maybe a bit more then they did for me but I couldn't care less. I just sat there and looked at Louis halfheartedly and smirked.

Just then i hear the loudspeaker- well who couldn't hear the loud speaker! It's like 5mm away from my ear.

"Could Winter Belle and Louis Tomlinson please come to the office." Really? Do I really have to go to the office with this prick!?

"Well that's you two, off you go." the teacher sighs. Yeah no shit Mr. Woods!

Usually, if it were two normal students (Boy and girl) there would have been wolf whistles, but since we're-no need to brag but- top 2 in the school they're all used to it. And so am I. Actually, I'm fed up with it.

I stand up and walk out of the auditorium leaving the huge, heavy metal doors swinging on their hinges and Louis runs out after me, closing them carefully and slowly. He has to jog to keep up with my speed walking.

"So, did you enjoy my performance? I know it was much better then your *cough* shit *cough* one!" He says, now side stepping.

"Well, Louis, all I can say is that if ten million beautiful fireflies did light up my bedroom wall it would not keep me awake if I'm listening to your *cough* shit *cough* singing." I shoot back, proud of that come back. I paused between each cough to make it obvious I was saying shit, which is like my thing..

We FINALLY reach the principals office and both go to knock on the door, which is marked 'Mrs. Netaly', at the same time. Then Louis stops, pulls his hand back and smiles at me.

"Go on, sluts first," he says with a reassuring smile.

"I'd rather be one then be caught dead with you!" i hiss. "And I'm not in the mood for your shit!" I add.

"Ooh, someones on her period!" Louis raises his eyebrows flinging his arms up in defeat. i shake my head roll my eyes (I seem to be doing that a lot lately!) and knock on the door politely. We both hear a faint 'Come in' and we both shove each other trying to get in the door first. I manage to and flick my hair in his face.

"Oh, sorry Whinny" he says as his hip bashes mine making me stumble.

"Should be.." I mumble loud enough so only he can hear. "And only my friends call me Whinny."

"Good Morning student's I hope I haven't interrupted your valuable learning time!"  she says and I immediately say back 

"Oh, no it's okay!" before Louis can beat me to it.

"Okay, well the reason I called you up here is because I would like you two to do a favor for me. It's a big one but I'm sure our top two talented singers in the school can handle it!" she says laughing a bit.

"The staff and I were talking about doing a sort of concert for the school, if you know what I mean," I look at Louis and he's as confused as I was.

"Obviously not, so what happens is you two will be hosting this.. concert.. and you will sing, get other people to sing and dance and get every talent our school is famous for up there!" she seems exited, which is unusual. I stand there examining my nails, but not rudely, like in her face, when she says something that un-distracts me.

"There will be guest stars! Adele an-" before she can finish I squeal.

"Sorry go on," i say normally.

"Adele and Ed Sheeran!" Right now I am biting my finger because that's what I do to keep in my excitement and to stop myself from screaming my ass off. These two just so happen to be my idols!

"Will we be able to meet them before the.. show..?" I ask casually, trying to hide the excitement in my voice.

"Yes! Of course!" she exclaims. OMG!!! I can't wait to tell everyone about this!!! As if she's read my mind Mrs. Netaly yells, making me jump out of my skin.

"BUT!! You can't tell anyone!! Not a soul at this school, or anyone who is coming for that matter!!!" We nod in unison and I look over at Louis and give him the 'what the fuck was that for!?' he knows that look. Everyone knows that look. It's because he did something at the same time as me. No one does that to me (or rather with me). It's just not cool!

"And I will need to see you two every day after school at the auditorium until the show" We both say 'yes'. okay this is getting a little bit annoying! She doesn't understand! I can't even be in the same room with Louis with out us both fighting let alone hosting a whole show with the guy! I felt like slouching in my seat and complaining. Now you can call me whine-ey, Louis!

Then Mrs. Netaly tells us to go back to our class and as if on queue the bell rings.

"Okay, enjoy your morning tea then! I trust you two to make the invitations to everyone in the school so they can show their parents and siblings can come!" She says clapping her hands excitedly. Okay, this is getting a bit out of hand..

We walk out of the room and I grunt. We both do. But not in unison thank god! We each go our separate ways to the canteen and get ready to be flogged with questions from why we got called up to the office.. Brace yourself Winter!



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