Taking Chances

Everyone has someone they don't like. Except Winter despises a certain person. His name being Louis Tomlinson. Through her eyes he's a selfish little brat. Basically the only reason she doesn't like him is because he is number one in the school which leaves winter one behind him. He came in in the middle of Grade 11 and so called 'blew everyone away' as he sung his song for his audition to get into the school. Winter was the best but she got taken over by Louis.
Any normal person would be grateful that they have achieved a high mark but no, Winter came from a competitive family and she will stop at nothing to claim her title back..


1. First class of the day and hating Louis Tomlinson

I park my car, get out and make a run for the school gates. My naturally pure white hair is camouflaged by the snow as i jog along the walk way covering my books under my Peach colored, cashmere sweater. A split second before entering the school building i take a glance up at the sign which says 'London's National Academy Of The Arts' in huge writing looming over the walkway. I step inside and take my books out from under the sweater and flip my hair to get any unwanted snowflakes out. 

I look around only to see who I hate most walking around with his little crowd. Okay maybe it's a bit bigger then little, but still. I only have to wait a second or two before my crowd comes and i smirk looking at the attention. Even some people from his crowd are walking over here. i know that the only reason we are getting this much attention is because we are the most talented, there fore more people want to hang out with us, there fore more popularity. I must say, the attention gets to head sometimes.. 

"Would you like me to carry your books for you Winter?" I hear someone ask. See what I mean.. And yes, my name is Winter, the same name as the stupid, cold season we're having.

"No I'm fine but thanks for asking," i say putting on a fake voice and smile. After I was out of sight i rolled my eyes and walked over to my locker putting my books in, knowing i had drama for the first few hours before first break. Which I loved. 

Ever since I got the roll of Sandy, in the play grease,(one of many) I knew I was destined for fame. And you'll never guess who got to play Danny! Please note the sarcasm, it's Louis. I can't believe i ever loved him (even if it was all an act) I must be a pretty good actress because if i was anyone else i would have spat right in his face.. and that's what i felt like doing that night. Well every second of the time I've known him.. Instead I looked into his eyes lovingly and continued everything i had to do with that character. Do you see how Comited   i am and how much I put into my acting!

I walked into my Drama class which i was looking forward to, as i am with all of my classes. the only bad thing about it was that Louis was in all of them. Yes, in every single damn one of them. 

I sat next to my four best friends, Nadia, Molly, Candice and Nalani. Molly and Harry, (who is one of Louis' 'friends', More like minions) are currently dating, which every second of every day, i remind her that i do not approve of. Nadia and Liam (another minion) have a thing going, luckily they're not dating but she likes him A LOT and I can tell he likes her. I always try to tell her how much of a skunk bag he is, because I know that if they date it would bring me closer to Louis, and that's the the last thing I want. But I sort of do approve of Liam cause he is nice at least. 

"He's not right for you now concentrate!" i whisper harshly to Nadia, trying to get rid of that trance she's in staring at Liam. 

"Don't tell me what to do!" she shoots back. That's why these girls are my friends, because I can't get them to do what I want, and as they say, if you can't beat them, join them! The teacher, Mr. Woods yelled at every one to shut us up from the many different conversations going on in the auditorium. It worked, surprisingly. Nadia finally took notice of what the teacher had to say. 

"Now, if you all want to make it big, I suggest that you come up on stage as i call your name.I will be calling girls first, alphabetical order, five at a time. You will perform a song chosen by me and you will have two minutes tops to work out who has who's solo. okay. Lets work through this quickly and easily." he said rather fast then clapped his hands twice as everyone broke into chatter about who was going with who to keep us quiet again. 

"First group is.. Lisa Averie, Julie Best, Nadia Bakersfield, Winter Belle and Alexis Dochev." I took my cashmere sweater off and sat it on the seat, revealing the plain white tank top i had underneath. Telling the girls to look after it as we all headed up on stage. Alexis, Julie and Lisa looking like smart asses because they got to work with me. I rolled my eyes. Nadia was used to working with me, because we had similar last names, alphabetically speaking. 

"You girls are going to sing 'Set fire to the rain' by Adele." he said smiling. Good choice Mr. Woods. I love this song! The five of us did a little circle and talked about it until time was up. I ended up getting the harmony and the bit at the end where she sings 'let it burn' over again in different tunes, I love how her voice went up and down at that part like the feelings and emotions she was having. 

"When you're ready." the  teacher said and i felt as though he was Simon Cowell and I was on the X- Factor!

"I let it fall

My heart

And as it fell

You rose to claim it" Alexis started out the song just at the right time and with her husky voice it sounded brilliant. For a girl that coughs all the time and even choked on her own spit like twice, you wouldn't think so but Jesus i think she blew everyone away!

"But there's a side

To you that i

Never knew, never knew" Lisa had a pretty good voice to and she led us into the chorus which all five of us sang pretty well together.

Then came Nadia's solo just after the chorus and after that, was Julie and she sang exactly what Lisa sang that led us into the chorus yet again. And when we were all singing that chorus i felt like i knew exactly what was going on in her head when she was writing this song, i felt like i connected to her in some way and now it was my turn to  show that brat of a human being and his friends what i could do..

"Sometimes I wake up by the door

That heart you caught must be waiting for yaa

Even noww when we're already over

I can't help myself from looking for yaaaa!" I sang a bit to loud i think, so i backed away from the microphone in front of me.

We sang the chorus for the fourth time and it was my go yet again after the chorus. 

"ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, ooooooooooohhh nnnnoooooo ooooooooooooo, let it buuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnn" i didn't stop after that seeing as my solo wasn't over yet. Even though I had my eyes closed I could feel all eyes on me at that point. My part finally finished as did the song. i sighed and that was the only noise in the room for a second. I was waiting for some one to say something and then i heard something and looked in the direction of Mr. Woods. He was clapping really slowly, taking at least two seconds between each clap. Humiliating! 

"Well, amazing as always miss. Belle!" he said some other nice comments to and i said thank you using the same fake voice as before and putting on that smile, but he didn't seem too notice as he went and commented on the other girls I looked over at Louis and gave him a 'beat that' kind of look. God that was a bit ghetto.. but no one else it the crowd seemed to notice so i was alright. 



Hey, I hoped you like my first chapter, please tell me what you think and give me some feedback cause i really like nice criticism. Cause if no one reads my story then i would like to know why and hopefully fix it. And i know it wasn't a really good place to stop but I need to get some sleep because tomorrow my dad is taking me and my sister some where and he's taking us there at like 6:00am, so yeah..


- Nina

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