Just friends?

Harry and Leia have been friends forever.
But at Harry's birthday party he says something leia will never forget.
Will there friendship ever be the same?


1. Oh Harold!

"Harry!" I yell across the street.
I quickly cover my mouth. 'Oops' I think.
I probably shouldn't of said that... But of course, all these crazy,
possessed teenagers start running over to a Mexican burrito truck where kutang a.k.a Harry styles is.
I laugh as I watch him start the truck. He pulls up aside me "get in!" I see the desperation in his eyes so i quickly get in to the seat next to him.
"Really Harold? A Mexican food van?" I struggle to say through my laughter.
"It's better than niall's icecream truck last week" he says
"That was him?" I gasp sarcastically.
He looks at me and smiles.
Without even turning my head i catch him looking at me.

"Eyes on the road Harold" I smile still looking ahead.

sorry this is a really short chapter I'll add on later!!

What did you guys think?

What do you think will happen next?

Please comment!!! Thanks for reading

-annie xx
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