I Knew You Were Trouble

This is a story about a girl named Alex River. And yes it does involve a "Bad boy". Most of the stories you read about a girl and a bad bit are not like this one. They normally have happy endings. Not that this one doesn't though. This stories going to be a little different. My inspiration for this story is a song. I Knew You Were Ttouble by Taylor Swift. Read and give me feedback? Thanks!


2. ***3 months ago***

I looked at myself in the full length mirror.
"Wooow…" I said slightly under my breath. I looked at my body, and the black dress that layed on it. It was tight at the top and sorta flowy where it meet the end just long enough to pass my mid-thigh. It had this lacy texture on the shoulders and over my breast slightly. I practically fist pumped the air when I realized that the cleavage wasn't as bad as I had originally thought it was when Chloe and I picked it off the rack. It was perfect. It hit every right spot on my awkward shape. It was putting a slight emphasis on my breasts, and showing off my curves making my waist look a lot thinner then usual. As I said before. Perfect.

"Alex! C'mon! It can't actually take you THAT long to change! Hurry up!!! I'm getting HUNGRY!" Chloe whined through the dark navy blue curtain that was separating us.
I chuckled at her amazing patience. Note: sarcasm.
"Gahhh, I'm coming I'm coming! It's not like your dying or anything!" I mater-of-factly told her drawing back the curtain and stepping out. Before Chloe looked over at me she dramaticly fell to the floor. If I didn't know her I would've actually thought that she had fainted. That, and her back was slightly shaking, as she was holding back her laughter.
"Your such a dramatic! C'mon! Stand up and tell me what you think of the dress so we can get food in that little stomach of yours!" i said, talking as if she was 8months old and I was trying to get her to laugh.
I held out my hand which she great fully took. When she was standing on her two feet again I slid my hand on my thighs straightening out my dress.
Chloe eyes me up and down, and huge smile forming on her lips.
"that's perfect!" she exclaimed with wide eyes "Your going to look hot tonight!"
And that, I sure was. Tonight my family, Chloe, and I were all going out to eat at a fancy restaurant. To celebrate the upcoming birthday of me and Chlo. And if your wondering... Yes! Me and Chloe have the same birthday!
"Okay! Well… anyway! Take of the dress and before you change into your normal clothes hand me the dress, and I'll get it checked out. Just try and hurry up will ya? I'm not sure I'm my tummy can take this hunger much longer!" She started to rub her tummy.
"Yeah yeah!"
I headed back behind the navy blue curtain and closed it. I stripped the dress off and extended my arm through the curtain with the dress in hand. Chloe grabbed it and as she did I could hear the faint sound of footsteps indicating her leave. I then changed back into my high waisted black shorts that reached mid thigh and my white cropped top that said in bold black letters I _____ YOU. and the proceeded to put on my black and white converse. I drew back the curtain once again. I looked around the waiting area for people to sit at while waiting food people to change looking for Chloe. Instead of seeing Chloe though I meet eye to eye with a gorgeous boy. He looked about 19 which is around my age. He had semi long black hair, and stunning brown eyes. I looked to see what he was wearing and saw that he was wearing a dirty white tank top revealing some tattoos on his arms and shoulders. He had black ripped up jeans that him him nicley. All of the sudden this feeling washed over me. I wasn't sure if it was good or bad but when he smiled at me, I was sure that it was good. I started to feel my knees weak, my heart beat faster, and my stomach fluter. This was an odd feeling. There was this question tht popped into my mind as he reached his hand out for me to shake it. 'How can a guy be this attractive and why the flip are my hormones kicking in to gear now? Why not last year when I needed a date to prom?'
"Hello," he said in his husky voice "My name is Logan."

Hey guys!!! I hoped you liked it! Sorry it's kinda short
And sorry for any miss spellings and grammar and what not. I haven't edited yet..
Well anyhoooo! Please feel free to give me some feed back!
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