Kiss You

Ellie isn't your average teenager... She's 19 andTv presenter!! But what happens when she is asked to host party in the park?! When she realised One Directioner are performing there, she obviously said yes as Ellis a Directioner. On stage the boys decide to play dares to entertain the audience but what will the boys think of her hidden talent? Will Ellie be able to cope with all the publicity? Read on to find out...


6. :-(

Sorry I haven't update for like a month!!! I really am but I've had two dance shows, two comps and loads of homework... Plus the wifi keeps turning off:-/ I have written some more for the one direction infection too but it's only a bit so I'm gonna finish it off and post another chapter soon:D
I've also been to a one direction concert, amazing. Right so I will update one direction infection on Tuesday, promise!x ~ Abbi<333Xo
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