Kiss You

Ellie isn't your average teenager... She's 19 andTv presenter!! But what happens when she is asked to host party in the park?! When she realised One Directioner are performing there, she obviously said yes as Ellis a Directioner. On stage the boys decide to play dares to entertain the audience but what will the boys think of her hidden talent? Will Ellie be able to cope with all the publicity? Read on to find out...


4. The big day

*Sorry I've skipped a bit, but I just wanted to get this part done because I've got an idea:-)*

I am soo excited! It's today, party in the park 2013! I'm from Leeds anyway so it shouldn't take me too long to get there... I think? I'm fact I don't think I still know my way around Leeds, I haven't been for ages. My thoughts were interrupted by Charlie. ''Are you excited babe?'' He asked while sliding his arms around my wait from behind. I nodded and smiled. He spun me around so that I faced him and our faces only a few inches apart. ''I'll be there in a few days so you've got a day without me and I've got a day without you.'' His face dropped. We never miss a day without seeing each other, even if its only for a few hours. I lifted his chin up with my fragile hands and our eyes met. ''It's only a day and I'll probably be practising all the time anyway.'' I reassured him. He gave me a faint smile but I couldn't see his adorable dimples. I frowned and poked his cheeks. He gave me a goofy grin which made me laugh. ''I love you.'' I said seriously. ''I love you too, beautiful.'' Charlie replied as he pulled me in for a hug. After a few minutes we pulled away. Just then there was a loud knock on the front door as my transport had arrived. I turned back to Charlie. ''Ill go get my stuff.'' I told him before walking towards the stairs to grab my suitcase. I felt an arm on my shoulder, stopping me from going any further. ''I will.'' Was all he said as he darted up the staircase and within a few minutes he appeared with my huge purple suitcase. I giggled as he struggled to carry it all the way down to the bottom but when I tried to help he pushed me away. ''Im fine.'' He kept saying, which made me laugh even more.

Once I was finally ready to go, I gave Charlie a kiss goodbye and slowly shut the car door. ''Whats your name?'' I asked the driver, getting bored already. ''Paul.'' He answered in a deep voice. I nodded in approval even though he couldn't see. I looked around the small black limo. 'This is massive and it's all for me!' I thought to myself. After about an hour the car came to a sudden stop. I sat up in concern and Paul got out. ''Whats going-'' I was cut off by his car door shut. ''Great!'' I muttered to myself. I sighed and slid down my seat. I soon heard shouting and decided to look out the window. ''What the...'' I trailed off as I nearly fainted. I scrambled back to my seat. ''Oh my god, it can't, could it?'' I whispered to myself. I shut my eyes, thinking it must be a dream. However when I opened them again three members of one direction were sat in the seats opposite me, frowning and starring at me. I blushed slightly and turned to Paul. He was getting back in the be hike when I actually saw his full face, instead of the side. ''Oh my, it's Paul Higgins...'' I whispered. Obviously I didn't say it quietly because Harry, Niall and Liam chuckled and Paul face me with a confused look. ''I thought Dan had already told you?'' He said. I shook my head furiously. How could my agent forget to tell me that my driver was Paul Higgins and we were taking one direction to pitp too?!! My gaze went from Paul to the boys, back to Paul then the boys. I built up some confidence to introduce myself. ''Hi, I'm Ellie.'' Harry was looking at me and smirking, Niall was eating but smiling and Liam said:''hello Ellie, I'm Liam and that's-'' he was about to introduce them all before I stepped In. ''Oh I already know all your names.'' I said a little too quickly. Niall lugged a little and I blushed a lot. The rest if the journey was quiet and kinda awkward, until I feel asleep...
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