Kiss You

Ellie isn't your average teenager... She's 19 andTv presenter!! But what happens when she is asked to host party in the park?! When she realised One Directioner are performing there, she obviously said yes as Ellis a Directioner. On stage the boys decide to play dares to entertain the audience but what will the boys think of her hidden talent? Will Ellie be able to cope with all the publicity? Read on to find out...


5. The big day part two x

I nervously made my way to the top step, about to go on stage. 'You can do it.' Said a deep voice from behind me. I smiled and started to turn around however my name had been called and I was nudged forward by sercurity. I took a deep breath and ran on stage, waving and smiling. Once the crowd quietend down, I began speaking. 'Well, it's good to be back in Leeds!' I said into the microphone after I adjusted it to my height. 'Hello everyone, I'm Ellie!' The audience cheered and a few whistled. I laughed a little. 'Right then, errmm...' My mouth went dry. I froze on the spot. Every time I began speaking it came out in a 'mmm' or a 'errmm' I bit my lip, worrying Bout what I was going to do. 'You can do it.' The voice suddenly appears again. My head shot up, only to find nobody there. I was getting freaked out now and the crowd were bored. 'Boooo!' Onesie started screaming so people would join in. They did. Noise suffocated me as I slowly fell to the floor. I screamed as loud as I could... But it sounded like a whisper compared to everything else. All of a sudden I felt a hand on my right shoulder. 'You can do it.' As soon as the words came out, the hand was gone. And so was the person who said it...

I was woken by my body being shaken violently. 'Love? Are you ok?' A deep, masculat voice asked. 'Huh?' I answered still half asleep. 'You were shaking and screaming!' He said again. My eyes flew open. I let out a huge sigh of relief. It was a dream. 'It was just a dream!!' I reassured myself. 'More like a nightmare.' Said the boy again. It was then that I realised it was zayn Malik. 'It was just me, Liam, Harry and Niall?' I said to myself as I studied Zayn's handsome face. 'What? In your dream?' He sounded worried... Slightly angry. 'No, in here.' I replied. 'Oh right, me and Louisgot picked up after you fell asleep.' I nodded slowly. 'Now, why was this dream so bad?' It all came rushing into my head again. The crowd. The screaming. The voice. The boy. Before I knew it, tears were streaming down my face and I was hugging zayn. 'Shh...' He tried comforting me. He waited until I had calmed down before he asked what it was about and I respected that, so I tol him. 'Well...' I swallowed back more tears. 'I was about to go on stage and someone said you can do it. I was going to say thanks but was pushed on stage, I talked a bit and the crowd cheered. But-b-but then I-I' I sniffled back the tears that had already formed in the corner of my eye. 'You what?' He questioned. 'I forgot everything, the booed me! Shouting horrible things to me but then-the-them that v-voice came back again! And again before I could thank him, he disapeard... I can't do it Zayn, i-I just can't.' I cried into his chest. 'Look, Ellie right?' I nodded. 'So Ellie, from what I've heard your nearly as famous as us? And that's big!' She giggled into my chest, sending a shiver through my body. 'There will be times where you forget but the crowns will understand. Everybody makes mistakes, don't they?' I said into her soft hair. She just Nodded slightly. We talked a little longer before the others came back from the toilet. We had stopped at a service station. I noticed Niall had a nando's bag and I chuckled to myself.paul started driving again and I took a seat next to Ellie. Eventually she drifted off and rested her head on my shoulder. I stroked her tiny hand as I slowly fell asleep too, resting my head on top of here's.
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