Kiss You

Ellie isn't your average teenager... She's 19 andTv presenter!! But what happens when she is asked to host party in the park?! When she realised One Directioner are performing there, she obviously said yes as Ellis a Directioner. On stage the boys decide to play dares to entertain the audience but what will the boys think of her hidden talent? Will Ellie be able to cope with all the publicity? Read on to find out...


3. My Chef

I sat down on the sofa and pulled my iPhone out of my pocket. I decided to FaceTime my friend, Dalen. We've known each other since year 2 and know pretty much everything about each other. I tried calling him about 3 times but he didn't answer. He'll probably be out with his girlfriend.
She's really nice actually! Ella... I mean Ellie. No, It's Ella! So Ella's got light brown hair and green eyes, she's a talkative person plus she's very kind. There was nothing else to do until Charlie was finished, so I decided to take a nap. I pulled a blanket out of the cupboard and curled up on the leather sofa, using the arm as my pillow. My eyes shut after a few minutes of say dreaming and I fell asleep...

My nap had taken longer than I thought because Charlie had to wake me up. He shook my shoulders and called my name before I finally opened my eyes.
I laughed at the sight as I looked up. Charlie had tomato sauce on his cheek and still had his apron and oven gloves on! ''What-'' I cut him off by pulling down to my level and kissing him in the lips. I placed my arms around his neck and sat up while he slid his arms around my waist. After a minute or so we both pulled away, smiling.
''Thanks for making dinner.'' I told him. Charlie's smile grew as he replied:''your welcome.'' He put his hand out for me so he could help me up. I accepted it and quicker than you could say 'Kevin' I was stood next to him. We were walking towards the dining room as I stopped to get my phone. As I suspected it was on the sofa, oops... I fell asleep on my phone!
I dashed back over to Charlie, who had waited for me. I intwined our fingers and walked into the candle lit dining room. My mouth formed an 'O' shape as I gazed around the room. Food had been placed in the table already. Candles had been placed on top of the piano, which was to the right of the door in the corner.
The transparent glass table was covered in a pink table cloth that matched the pink and white napkins. ''Awwww, Charlieee!'' I said softly and hugged him. ''Do you like it?'' He questioned.
I raised an eyebrow. ''No I don't... I love it! Charlie, it's amazing!!!''
I smiled and so did he, showing off his cute dimples again. ''And links my favourite colour!'' I added as I examined the neatly set cutlery and napkins. He nodded before saying something else.
''Theres something else too...''
I thought about what it could be... But sadly I couldn't think of anything. I pushed a piece of my white blonde hair behind my ear.
When I say white blonde your probably thinking that I've dyed it, well I haven't. When I was younger my hair had always been really really really thin and light. However now it's really thick and has gone a little darker but still white blonde. I chose to ignore what he said as I didn't have a clue what he was on about. We ate dinner and shared a few laughs. Unsurprisingly, the food was gorgeous! Charlie's a great cook as he did a lot of it with his mum when he was younger.
We'd just finished dessert when I decided to take a picture. ''I need to take a picture of me and my chef!'' I said. Charlie chuckled as he walked round to my side of the table so he could be in the photo.
I uploaded the photo onto twitter so my fans and followers could see. We then decided to watch a movie. Of course I chose pitch perfect! It's one of the best films ever!! Makes me laugh every time and I have to sing along, I can't help it. Charlie doesn't mind thought because he says I'm a really good singer. I don't think I am though. We cuddled on the sofa and shared the blanket if it out earlier. About half way through the film I felt Charlie's hands run through my hair as I slowly fell asleep.
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