Kiss You

Ellie isn't your average teenager... She's 19 andTv presenter!! But what happens when she is asked to host party in the park?! When she realised One Directioner are performing there, she obviously said yes as Ellis a Directioner. On stage the boys decide to play dares to entertain the audience but what will the boys think of her hidden talent? Will Ellie be able to cope with all the publicity? Read on to find out...


2. Get out of my kitchen!

''I-I...'' To be honest I was speechless. Of course I wanted to but couldn't speak!!
I nodded my head furiously. ''Of course!'' I shouted. I pulled all three of them into a group hug and held them all tightly. Once I had released them, I jumped up and down with excitement and screamed:'' oh my god!!! Oh my god!!! I'm hosting party in the park, I am hosting party inthe park!''
I finally sat down on the sofa along with Charlie who had his arm around me. Dan and Sophie had left while I was going crazy. All of a sudden Charlie picked me up bridal style and was running towards the door before I said, ''wait, my bag!?'' He turned around, picked up my bag and ran own the corridor towards the exit. I couldn't stop laughing! ''You do know there's paparazzi out there right?'' I asked him, pointing towards the flashes and loud voices coming from outside.
''Yeah'' he answered and smiled, showin off his dimples. I smiled back and gazed ino his glistening blue eyes. They're beautiful. He noticed me starring and just chuckled as I turned away. I shut my eyes and buried my face in Charlie's neck while we ran to his car. Eventually we arrived home, where I dashed to the phone. I dialled my parents home number, making a few mistakes due to the speed I was typing. After a few rings they answered. ''Hello?'' My mum asked. I smiled as I told her about pitp. ''Thas great news! Do you know who's performing yet?... Omg you'll get to meet all the acts!'' She spoke through the phone. I hadn't realised that I was going to meet them! I knew but I was so excited I forgot. ''I know!! When I know who's singing there, I will ring you again... Oh and when dad gets back from work could you tell him please?'' I questioned. ''Yes, of course! Love you.'' She said before ending the call. Whilst I was talking to my mum I hadn't noticed Charlie was cooking tea until I smelt it. ''Mmmm...'' I whispered to myself as I followed the smell. It lead me to the kitchen which had rectangular red tiles placed evenly on the wall, jus above the wooden work surface. The wooden island in the middle of the room was matching wood, along with four white chairs that were pushed underneath it. Slowly, I walked over to Charlie and placed my head over his shoulder. ''Whatcha making?'' I asked. ''Well today menu consists of spaghetti bolognese with a side of garlic bread. There will also be ice cream sundaes for dessert.'' I laughed at his fail of an Italian accent as he spoke. ''Get out of my kitchen!!'' Charlie said and pointed to the door. I'd made him watch loads of one direction videos with me a while back. I giggled as I walked out into the lounge.
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