it was a magical story(more like a fairy tale... it's about a school competition that when you won one direction will stay at your country for a month..... when daniella's school won.. she was so happy.. but there was a forbidden love withing her and niall


4. welcome to my country


yey we won.... i;m so happy, but i feel bad for what i've done... i mean i really really like niall, but what if it didn't work out, i really wanted to say yes.. but after a month we will be back in our normal lives and niall will forget me

we all went to the air port to go to our country ... well me and my group mates will have a month off cause  we won and were the representative of the school... 

*at the airport

daniella: hi guys

louis: hello there

jessica: hey, you ready to go to our country?

harry: yes, of coarse (while looking at jessica with a smiling face)

daniella: harry fancy jessica (i whispered to zayn )

zayn : yeah, since harry saw her she can't stop thinking about her ( zayn whispered at me)

we were both laughing cause we were telling funny stories while waiting for liam and niall

jessica: umm hey guys where's niall and liam?

daniella: yeah it's been 3 minutes since they left (i said very worried)

after minutes finding them we finally found them they were just roaming around the air port...I was relieved  that nothing happened to them , we went in the airplane 

niall was looking at me the whole time.. i tried giving him a happy smile and  a sorry-i-didn't-say-yes look and i think he got it

after 9 hours of travelling we finally reached our destination... well first we went to out school,then stayed a day our city to rest and get some clothes....

we really had fun but tomorrow we will go to a beach resort.. we were so exited that jessica slept at my house and kaila,gira,maria the other members.. we talked about the boys..



 we played truth and dare that night.... 

louis:i choose harry who do you fancy?

harry: umm.... i kinda liked jessica..... i choose zayn

zayn: i like kaila.. ok i choose liam 

liam: ummm.... gira... now i choose louis

louis:  maria is cute.. but she's quiet.. i think... ok i choose niall (he said with an evil smirk on his face so all the boys stared at me

niall: i actually like daniella.....

when we got tired i didn't know that the boys know's all the gals number's even daniella's number i just noticed it when zayn was texting daniells and i saw her name in the mirror cause zayn was behind a mirror..... after the game we a fell dizy and fell asleep




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