it was a magical story(more like a fairy tale... it's about a school competition that when you won one direction will stay at your country for a month..... when daniella's school won.. she was so happy.. but there was a forbidden love withing her and niall



today was the finals i am trying not to say hi or not to mind niall

the first contestants were really good they sang over again, the second contestant sang  little things.... well actually there was only three of us in the contest we were the last one we sang irestibale. As I was singing my solo I glanced at the judges ever so slightly to see niall, grinning from ear to ear. I couldn't help but smile a little bigger then I was supposed to. After the song had finished. Loud applause filled almost every room. I quickly went to go do last minute touch ups with Jessica in our dressing room. "Niall was toatally staring at you dani" Jessica chirped while playfully bumping into me. "No he wasn't" I started to blush to tell the truth I'm a terrible  lair. "Daniella" Jessica said in a high pitches tone. "Sure....holy crap we've only got a minute to get all the way back to stage" "AHHH!! I'm wearing heels I can't run in heels" Jessica shouted as we ran down the quiet corridors. "Come on Jess" I shouted as we ran. I could hear them calling the names of the schools. "And Lincoln prep please come on stage" the announcer said the the microphone. "Where have you been" Michael whispered as we got on stage. (Ps micheal is the mike. Director for the school) "long story, just be happy I'm here now" I whispered back. "And the winners of the are...........Lincoln prep" the announcer yelled. A roaring thunder of applause filled the room as we took a bow. I went back to my dressing room to pick up the last of my things, I pick up the last piece of sheet music and a letter fell out. "Miss Daniella, I would like to inform you that you are forbidden to love niall. P.S. watch your back Daniella." The note easily slipped from my hands landing on the floor. "Who is this from, it dosent say" I mumbled. I picked up m things and made my way down the hall, thoughts lingering in my head. "Hey Daniella" niall yelled from behind me. "Huh, what...oh hey niall" I trebled as I said his name. "I was wondering if you wanted to hang out some times" he said rubbing his neck. "I'm sorry I can't" "what why not? What do you not like about me that you don't like" niall kinda blew a fuse. "It's not you I swear, I just can't." I said and walked away quietly. I could her him sigh as I walked away. Niall's P.O.V. "It's not you I swear, I just can't" Daniella said and the. Walked away. What's wrong with me every girl says the same thing. They all say its not me and that they just can't. Like so own told them they can't date me or something. I'm going to get Daniella though I'm not letting another girl slip out from between my fingers. A/N: hey guys I'm the co-author hoped you liked. Please like and favorite and comment it means alot to me and the author. And please check out my books. We will update soon.

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