it was a magical story(more like a fairy tale... it's about a school competition that when you won one direction will stay at your country for a month..... when daniella's school won.. she was so happy.. but there was a forbidden love withing her and niall


6. advice's


Maybe I will tell her happy valentines day..maybe just that, here I go. Daniella stood there frozen. I took a deep breath "happy valen-" I was cut off by her lips hitting mine. Our lips moved in sync. But unfortunately the boys and girls had come to spy on us. "Way to go mate" Louis jumped in the air and made a noise like he just won something on a Mario game. Harry high fived me and Zayn gave me a hug. Liam stood in the corner with his arms folded. "I'm going to high five you because you kissed a girl" he rolled his eyes. Soon everyone left and me and Daniella were the only ones there.


Daniella's P.O.V.

why did i kissed Niall? i questioned my self, he is a super star and after a month he will for get you, and there is just that forbidden love between you two, but i got distracted by  Zayn saying " GOOD JOB DANIELLA" he whispers to me

they left the room and i could feel the awkwardness in the air, i looked at Niall and came close to him, i was close to his ear and i smiled at him, cause you can feel his very nervous then i whispered "we better go out now Niall" and walk through the door i went out and every body was staring at me and i gave them a "whatcha looking at look?" and they just looked away and Zayn stood up , Zayn and i have a brother-sister communication, and his like an older brother i never had , he gave me a "let's talk" look and i just nodded , and went to a room,Zayn went in and sat next to me,


Z-tell zaynie, what's wrong

D-nothings wrong, 

Z-Daniella, i 'm like a brother here, i know there's something wrong, when i see you, and even if the month is over you can still talk to me, about anything

D-okay, well i kissed Niall, and i really like him, but after our one month spent together , he will for get me, and i kinda like some one else to, and  i can't understand my feelings right now, 

Z-ohhh, dr. zayn is here to help you, Daniella, if Niall, really like you he will not for get you, he will not betray you, and if you like some one else, you have to follow your heart in this situation, is there some thing else about you past that i should know? you can tell me

D-actually, there is, but it will take time, 

Z- i have a lot of time , we still have an hour left or soo

D- OKAY, it all started 8 months ago, i was just a teenager who is inlove with a boy, the boy is just like Niall, but i never knew his personality yet, but i really liked him, he said he loved me and he was never gonna leave me alone, he went on vacation for a month or soo, i texted him, called him, but he didn't answer, when school was back we was different, every now and then i would see him making out with a random girl, and he totally for got me, i know Niall wouldn't do that but, i'm just so scared to love again, and now i'm here liking 2 boys at the same time, like my cousin said  "there is always tears,and sadness behind that smile" (i finished of while crying softly)

Z-ohh, well at this point you have to learn from your past, you have to follow your heart and brain, people have problems so that, they will learn from them, not repeat what happened over and over again, you have to be strong and you have to accept that, that douche bag was not right for you, and it's his lost, now what do you feel?

D- i don't know, what i feel , ughhh, girls are so complicated

Z- you got that right sister ( he said and he high fived)

D-thanks for listening Zayn, i never told any one that, even my best friend 

i said and hugged him, and went out of the room,





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