it was a magical story(more like a fairy tale... it's about a school competition that when you won one direction will stay at your country for a month..... when daniella's school won.. she was so happy.. but there was a forbidden love withing her and niall


1. starting

we went to London for a school competition

i was wondering around.. but suddenly there was 20 second on the clock.... my group mates are scared because i wasn't still there

10 seconds more.... i slide to the stage then it was just the right time to sing

Oh I just wanna take you anywhere that you like-.

we sang the song kiss you ..... we past the level 1 of the competition... they all thought that my sliding entrance was part our routine 

we went to our rooms..... while i was playing loud music... i heard some one knocking at our door when i opened it it was niall 

"ummmm, hi niall, i'm daniella"

"ohh hi, sorry to bother you"

"no it's fine.. so why are you hiding any way?" 

"'because their's a bunch of girls out their"

"ohhh, fan girl rampage"

"how did you know that?"

"well, every girl went to a stage of fan girling"

"ummm. may i stay here for a while?"

"yeah sure"

"soo what fandom did you came from daniella?"

"ohh you know the usual ones"

then a 1D song played.....

"ahhhh your a directioner"

"ummmm. maybe, yes, no, i don't know."

wow he doesn't even know that i'm in their competition

" want some muffins?"

"yes, of coarse"

i gave him a chocolate muffin and gave him 4 more 

" give those 4 to liam, zayn, harry, and louis..... and please try not to eat it"

"ok, fine"

'i think the girls are are gone now... but to be sure here's a jacket and a hat"

"umm thank you.. how can i return this?"

"you know my room(well eventually i'll see you again)"

"ohh ok.. thank you again"

"your welcome"

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