You're Not Alone

17 year old Carlie is the perfect student, loyal bestfriend and one of the only people that stays sober at highschool parties.... So one day, someone spikes her drink and next thing she knows, she's lying next to Zayn Malik in bed. Will this unintelligent decision affect the rest of her life, or will she be able to pretend like nothing happened? Does she even love Zayn, and does he even love her, or was it just a one-night thing?!


3. The next morning (my Prince Charming)

Carlie's point of view

I woke up the next morning with someone's strong arms wrapped around me. What the fuck happened last night? I looked at myself quickly realizing I had no clothes on and neither did he. Now I remember his name, it's Zayn and he was hot, but why would I ever agree to getting it on with him? I wouldn't. I couldn't. I screamed, and he jumped up.
"What the hell?! Oh shit, Carlie I'm so sorry. I can't explain because I honestly don't know why this happened. All I know is that you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen", he said playing with my hair. I smiled, and looked at him feeling worried.
"What happens now?", I asked.
"Well, I'm not gonna get up and leave and just forget about you Carlie. That was amazing last night, and we have something special", he said staring into my eyes, letting me know he really did care about me.
"Zayn, I'm not gonna forget about you either, ", I said.
"Yah so are we an item?", he asked.
"I guess.", I said finally struggling to find my clothes.
"Great", he said kissing my lips. He then put his number in my phone, and I did the same to his going into the bathroom and trying to freshen up the best as possible. I was going home to my parents who were going to kill me for not coming home last night.... I then realized a big red thing on my neck. I had a hickey from Zayn which was pretty obvious. He gave me one of his sweatshirts to borrow case it covered it up pretty well.
Then, I got a ride from my new boyfriend Zayn Malik.

When I opened the door, my parents were standing there, arms crossed giving me a dirty look. Oh shit I thought.

"Where were you last night young lady?", my father asked.
"Um, I Brie's", i said the first excuse coming to mind.
"No you weren't. We called last night, and Brie said you were still at the party with some guy....", my mom sternly responded. Oh how I was going to kill Brie......
"Well, I ended up staying at the party because it was really late, and I didn't have a ride or anything with anyone sober anyways...", I responded.
"Who's sweatshirt is that?", my dad questioned.
" friend Adam's", I said lying.
"Did you drink at all?", my mom asked.
"I don't....drink mom", I hesitantly said.
"Well, your punishment is the worst thing you've ever done. How about......your room all weekend. No comming down, we'll bring the meals to you, but no leaving your room you understand me?", my mom said. I nodded and headed up to my room. I saw a text from Zayn.
"Hey babe. How r u?" It read.
"GROUNDED!", I responded plopping down on my bed, the smell of Zayns cologne still on my skin.
"It's all my fault ��" Zayn texted back.
"No it's ok", I replied.
"I'll make it up to you I promise....", Zayn replied. About thirty minutes later I heard a knock on the window leading out to my balcony. I pulled the shade out of the way, and saw Zayn sitting on a tree in the backyard that lead directly to my balcony. I sat out there, with Zayn gracefully gliding over the tree onto my balcony with me.
"Your parents left....", he responded.
"I know", I replied.
"How'd you get up here?", I asked leaning into his chest as he hugged me.
"Oh ya know, I flew up here....", Zayn responded kissing my forehead. I laughed, and kissed his perfect lips.
"Carlie, I'm glad were making this work you are really a beautiful girl", Zayn said as He pulled my face closer to his.

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