You're Not Alone

17 year old Carlie is the perfect student, loyal bestfriend and one of the only people that stays sober at highschool parties.... So one day, someone spikes her drink and next thing she knows, she's lying next to Zayn Malik in bed. Will this unintelligent decision affect the rest of her life, or will she be able to pretend like nothing happened? Does she even love Zayn, and does he even love her, or was it just a one-night thing?!


5. The news

I was feeling awfully sick, and my period was really late.

i went pale when I saw a little blue "plus" sign three inches away from my face...IM PREGNANT! No this can't be! 

I cried, for six hours straight knowing I had to tell Zayn.  He was going to kill me, my parents were going to kill me...I was surely going to be dead.  Plus, I was scared..terrified actually.

i called Zayn, and told him he had to sneak over again.

He did just that, and was now holding me as I cried.

"What is it  pretty girl?", he said smoothing the hair out of my face.

"I....I'm pregnant", I said almost fainting as I told him.

"Noooooooooooooooo, Carlie this can't be right!", he said.

"Zayn, look at this", I said showing him the proof.

i swear I thought he was going to faint! 

"<<<<Zayn's pov>>>>>" 

Great, now my life is fucked! I got a girl I don't even really love, or hardly know pregnant. 

But since it was my mistake more than hers, I knew I had to be there for her, this was just my child as much as it was hers. 

"Carlie, you know what we can make this work...", I told her.

"I love you Carlie!", I said meaning it this time.

"I...I love you too Zayn", I said and he kissed me.

"everything's gonna work out...I'll get a job pay for everything I'll do anything you need me to babe", he said kissing me long and slow. 

"But Zayn ..... How are we gonna tell my parents?", I asked him.

"I don't should tell them soon though because you should go to the doctor, but I wanna come to the doctor with you!", he insisted. 

"When I make an appointment, I will let you know okay?", I said kissing him. 

"Ok love you", he said leaving me with one last kiss. 


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