You're Not Alone

17 year old Carlie is the perfect student, loyal bestfriend and one of the only people that stays sober at highschool parties.... So one day, someone spikes her drink and next thing she knows, she's lying next to Zayn Malik in bed. Will this unintelligent decision affect the rest of her life, or will she be able to pretend like nothing happened? Does she even love Zayn, and does he even love her, or was it just a one-night thing?!


7. Moving in (I need a job)

Shortly after that, I moved into Zayn's room and laid in bed with him, snuggling and watching tv as I heard the thunderstorm rumbling outside.  I eventually fell asleep, and woke up to Zayn fumbling around the room.

I opened my eyes, and looked at him.

"What is it?", I asked him.

"I don't know love, i was just thinking how are we gonna be able to do this...I'm the only one with a job, I just got my license, we have basically no money babies are soo expensive,  I'm just scared". He said coming towards me.

Then, I saw a tear fall down his cheek and I instantly started bawling.

"Ssssssh babe it's gonna be Okay, I'll get another job, and we'll save up as much money as we can, and we'll find a way to make this work!", he assured me but somehow that didn't seam promising enough.

"Baby I'll get a job too", I said quietly.

"Awe, I don't want you working too hard, baby girl!", he said stroking my cheek.

"I'll be just fine, love", I said kissing him.

"Promise?", he asked, taking my hand in his.

"I promise!", I replied and snuggled up close to him.

"We're a mess, I hope you realize that", I told him and he laughed.

"Yes, yes we are. But, I love you and the baby", he said pulling my face towards his and we kissed for a long time.

"Let's skip school tomorrow and look for jobs, babe", he said.

"But you already have a job", I reminded him.

"Yeah, and I'm gonna look for another one, too. My job won't pay enough to support us", he explained.

"Well if you're working two jobs, then I will too", I told him and he shook his head.

"No, no I could never ask you to do that Carlie. I don't even want you working one job, let alone two", he explained.

"Why don't you want me working?", I asked.

"Well, because, I don't want you to get hurt and work yourself too're the one carrying our baby, that's enough of a job baby girl", he said and then I saw how concerned he was and how much he actually cared about me.

"Awe you're too sweet. But baby, I need to get a job and help pay for things too. It's not fair to make you do all the work, believe me, and I have no problem working in fact I love it. I used to work at a restaurant, and I made really good money, but my parent's made me quit.  They said it was too much of a distraction from my school work", I told my boyfriend.

"That's complete bullshit. You do excellent in school!", he said and I agreed.

"I know, right! But anyways, they'd probably hire me again if the spot's still open", I said and he looked a little less worried.

'If you really want to work. I don't want to make you do something you don't want to do", he said and I smiled.

"I want to, babe", I said.

"You're so sexy when you smile", he said and I put my body ontop of his.

"You're especially sexy when you do that", he said biting his lip.  I kissed him with more passion that I've ever used to kiss anyone before.






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