You're Not Alone

17 year old Carlie is the perfect student, loyal bestfriend and one of the only people that stays sober at highschool parties.... So one day, someone spikes her drink and next thing she knows, she's lying next to Zayn Malik in bed. Will this unintelligent decision affect the rest of her life, or will she be able to pretend like nothing happened? Does she even love Zayn, and does he even love her, or was it just a one-night thing?!


2. B4 & at the party

"C'mon Carlie lets gooooo!", Brie said practically dragging me out of school.
"Brie chill!", I said as we headed into her car.

When we got to her house, we got a snack then went straight up to her room.
"So umm Steven and I are thinking about...taking it to the next level tonight.
"Brie, are you serious?!", I said sitting down on her bed and chucking a pink pillow on her bed at her.
"Well yah I guess, I'm ready to", she said.
"Just don't get pregnant!", i said.
"Girl how stupid do you think I am?", she said, giving me a puzzled look.
"Brie Brie Brie...", I said.
"We're deff curling your hair babe", my best friend proclaimed, plugging in the curler into her attached master bathroom. Her house was a freaking mansion!
"Well if you even try and dress me up like a prostitute....", I started.
"C, I would never! Mebbe a little........", Brie said laughing. Then she started to curl my hair. Afterwards, I had to straighten her blonde curly hair which took about an hour or so.

"You know, some of the cuties from the school in the next town are coming", Brie said in her dreamy voice.
"Oh Brie....", I said shaking my head. I did my makeup, Brie did her own, then we got her outfits on and were out the door.

We were greeted at the door by Steven (it was at his house), and his friend Kyle.
We walked through the door, and instantly Brie picked up a cup of some mysterious gross smelling alcoholic beverage. I don't drink at all, and I was basically the only one. Someone cranked up the music, and Brie tightly grabbed my wrist and made me dance to some Justin Bieber with her. I caught a mysterious, hot boy watching me. Brie saw too, and she gave me that look. The thing that surprised me was the already wasted girls were breathing heavy and throwing themselves at him, but he ignored them, only catching long stares at me. I stopped dancing, and picked up my soda. This tastes a little...different. It's probably just me Overcautious and stupid.


I saw her, I watched her softly pull a strand of her long brown hair behind her ear as she watched me watching her. She blushed, and looked the other way to talk with the girls around her. I watched the girls breathing heavily and smelling like booze that were trying to get me to sleep with them, but I only wanted the good girl I saw over there.
I started heading towards her, and she walked towards me.
She looked gentle and nice, yet I was kinda known as the "bad boi" around here.
"Hi, I'm Zayn", I said extending one arm.
"I'm Carlie", she said shaking my hand.
"Wanna dance?", I asked her.
"Yah sure", she replied as I put my hands on her hips. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and I pulled her petite body closer to mine, hearing her heart beat harder and harder. She took some more sips of her drink, setting it down and looking awfully tipsy.
"Have you been drinking booze?", I asked her.
"Humm, no it's just soda", she said.
"Here lemme try", I said taking a small sip, enough to know there was definitely some alcohol in there, but I wasn't about to tell her that.
We continued to dance, and glance into each others eyes, and time stopped.
"I want you", I whispered into her ear. She blushed, and I kissed her neck.
"I want you", she whispered back kissing my cheek.
We navigated away from the crowd into our own corner. She finished her drink, and had another. I finished my drink, and felt the alcohol pumping through my veins, as well as smell it in Carlie's breath as she breathed heavily on my neck. We kissed for awhile, and then I said "wanna continue this upstairs?".
"Yah", she responded neither of us thinking straight.

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