Never Again

the story is about a girl who is 19 and she is being followed and tracked down by her step mum and dad she is really scared and meet louis who gets really hurt by what she does and what happened to her does she run from her problems what happens read to find out


4. truth or dare

Amy P.O.V
We got to work and the boss looked at us he was about to come and yell at us for being late then leeya came in and he looked away i looked at leeya then bella looked at leeya, leeya looked confused
Me: leeya did you know that the boss likes you more than any one else
Bella: yeah he was bout to growl at us for being late but then you came in
and he just looked away
Leeya: it would make sense cause he is my second cousin
Bella and me: Ohh that makes sense
Any way we had a pretty normal day except
Leeyas P.O.V
I thought the girls knew that he was my second cousin i thought he said to everyone he must of lied i never really liked him any ways oh well at the end of the day i told him this:
Me: chris please don't treat me any different to the others i know your my second cousin but it should not make any difference
Chris(boss): but your mum said to look after you thats why i took you through how to be a great waitress
Me: where is my real mum and dad  and how did they talk to you they have not talked to me since i left home which was one year ago and---
Chris: oh and your step mum umm she got out of jail and is looking for you your real mum and dad thats why she has not contacted you sor----
Me:SHE IS WHAT ._. Ok i am a little scared doe---
Chris: yes she knows where you live and don't worry she is in america a while to get here in england
I was horrified i walked out with out saying good bye when i was young she hurt me and my real mum was killed by my idiot of a step dad i have a big scar on my back cause she hit me with a hammer and thats when she went to jail for child abuse the sentence she got was 6 years i was 13 and i had to go to court i never want to go there again  then my step dad came and tried to no its to sad and horrible to say but i will say he got a sentence of 4 years.  A child of 13 should not go through such a horrible childhood i want back to louis to tell him what she had just found out he held me and told me it was alright.
Louis P.O.V
I was worried and said to her to live here with me she looked at me and then i said
Me: leeya?
Leeya: yea louis
Me: will you umm will it help if what no...... Ok will you be my girlfriend
Leeya: yes i will
Leeyas P.O.V
Oh my goodness i can not belive i am now going out with louis tomlinson i smiled and kissed him then i saw amy walk in angrily
Me: are you ok am
Amy: you left me and bella back at work you , said you would bring us back here but you did not i saw you talking to the boss and you looked angry but sad i yelled out to you but you did not answer me
Bella walked in and looked at me and then at amy then back at me
Me: i was talking to the boss cause of what happened this morning...
I told them what we were talking about and then i cried again and louis amy and bella hugged me and then the other boys came out and hugged me. I feel asleep in louis arms when i woke up i could smell bacon i went into the kitchen and saw harry and zayn cooking bacon and liam and louis cooking the toast and niall  cooking eggs  louis saw me and came over to me and kissed me.

Chapter 4 truth or dare
Leeyas P.O.V
I went tell amy and bella but realized that they were sitting on the couch eating so i decided to get my own breakfast and sit with the girls
Amy: leeya you slept in lucky its the weekend
Me: thew* i thought it was friday but that was yesterday lucky
Bella: i have to work tomorrow or else I'm fired
Me: that sucks i dont need to work till wednesday
Amy: WHAT! Thats so unfair why do you get till wednesday off
 Me: well its because i am a bit scared that i will get hurt by my step mum she knows were i work it might be longer but it depends chris is going to ring me if there is any news
Louis: that means you can spend time with me and maybe the boys
The other boys came and sat down zayn asked us if we wanted to play truth or dare we all said yes and zayn  started
Zayn: truth or dare liam
Liam: truth
Zayn: ok are you going out with bella?
Liam: yes
Everyone: ohhhhh
Liam: my go truth or dare amy
Amy: dare
Liam: i dare you to kiss niall untill its your next go
Amy: ok
Amy shuffled closer to niall and asked if she can have her go then kiss niall
Everyone: ok
Amy: truth or dare leeya
Me: umm dare
Amy: ok i dare you to kiss harry untill it is your next go
Me: NO! I am louis girlfriend
Louis: no its all good i know it dosent mean anything just as long as at half time i get to cut in
Me: ok but i get to take my turn first
Truth or dare niall
Niall: dare
Me: ok i dare you to go outside and the first woman you see you have to say hey hey you yea you i am a police man and I'm going to capture you bwahhh
Niall: ok
Me: but you have to do it half naked
Niall: what ... Ok
We all walked outside cause we all wanted to see this me kissing harry and amy following niall about to  kiss him a lady walked past
Niall: hey hey you yea you i am a police and I'm here to capture you bwahh he then pulled off his top and the lady came over and looked at him and kissed him and would not let go till amy yelled at her to get off her man she looked at amy
The lady: well excuse me i am niall ex and i deserve to have one last kiss from him
The lady started trying to kiss niall again when amy punched her
The lady: well excuse me do you know how i am i am actually Serena one of the most famous modelers
No one would have guessed that she was model she had pimples all over
her face and millions of freckles
Amy: excuse me but i am the famous amy that concurred Niagara falls
Serena: as if she is long dead
Amy: as if your a model
They started to have a fight i was still kissing harry when all of a sudden he picked me up still kissing me and took me in side louis close behind louis came over and asked if he could cut in knowing before what he had said before i nodded and looked at him longingly i tried to pull away but harry just kept holding on we sat down on the couch me on Harry's lap  i looked at louis sadly harry just would not let go then i tried to pull away he wouldn't let me go i was about to slap him when someone grabbed my hand and pulled me off harry it was louis he grabbed me abd kissed me i looked at louis he scooped me up and took me to his room which was now mine as well

Harrys P.O.V
When i was kissing leeya i just didn't want to let go i felt a spark she looked as though she was scared then louis took her off of me i looked at louis he looked at me strangely i
hope him and me are still friends

Louis P.O.V
I saw how harry would not let go of leeya i was going to yell at him but then i saw leeya looking at me sadly then back at harry she tried to get away but harry just kept holding on i grabed leeya and took to our room leeya must of felt uncomfortable and i was just kissing her
Me: leeya you do know i love you around the world 17 million times
Leeya: i know but do you know i love you around the universe 5 million times
Me: yep
I kissed her then we fell asleep

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