Never Again

the story is about a girl who is 19 and she is being followed and tracked down by her step mum and dad she is really scared and meet louis who gets really hurt by what she does and what happened to her does she run from her problems what happens read to find out


12. trip to Louis home town awww

Leeyas POV
everything was sorted ruby did a really good job with calming niall down now niall is alright that amy wont be here for another two days perhaps even three days but don't tell him that

Louis: first stop my home town
Zayn: i thought we are going to Australia
Liam: we are zayn its just louis wants to see his little sister and then harry can see his family
Niall: and we can go to Nandos

We all just laughed i have been watching ruby she has been looking at niall quiet a bit i wonder if no ruby is with harry but niall might have no no no maybe ruby is just looking at the poster behind niall that i put up here in the plane i am sitting next to louis and niall
Bella is sitting with liam and zayn and ruby is sitting with harry

I think that its really cute how my friends all of a sudden have boyfriends from one direction

Pilot: fasten your seat belts we are just at our location and we will be landing soon so have a great rest of the day and hope you enjoyed this flight

louis: I always hate this part i have to bring a carrot i have to smuggle it in by wrapping it in tin foil it just makes it

he pulls carrot out from his carry on bag and starts chewing on it 

me: why is this the worst part of it

he hands me a peice of his carrot

Louis: you'll see you'll see

he had a evil grin on his face i looked at him with concern and he wraps his arms around me i felt safe in his arms eyes staring at me but when i looked around there was no one watching

diana's POV

when that girl leeya came i was sort of happy cause then I could take my anger out on her like i use to i had a evil glint in my eye

steve: hey babe i am so glad they put us in the same cell we can make plans

diana: shh you ass we want to get out of here not stay here and suffer

louis POV

we had landed i am so excited to go home and see my little sis and show mum and dad leeya they are going to love her like i love her well at least i hope they do

liam: so whos going to drive to lou's house

harry: oh me me me 

louis: no i am just in case you try anythin

~ time skip in the car ~

everyone was waiting out side when we arrived at the house i was so excited to see my family again




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