Never Again

the story is about a girl who is 19 and she is being followed and tracked down by her step mum and dad she is really scared and meet louis who gets really hurt by what she does and what happened to her does she run from her problems what happens read to find out


5. the news

Leeyas P.O.V
I woke up and saw i was in louis arms i was happy i felt safe then my phone rang it was chris i answered he sounded stressed
Chris: leeya is that you?
Me: yea why
Chris: oh are you ok are you hurt
Me: no why
Chris: well . . .
Me: what chris just tell me
Chris: well he is here in England now and has broken into your house
Me: what that had everything in there
Chris: well actually no you mum came and got all your clothes and memories and other special stuff
Me: oh wow mother did all that for me i miss her so much
Chris: i can come and drop them of at your new place
Me: ok thats well umm not to alarm you or anything but i am now living with my boyfriend right now so if you can bring them here that will be great
Chris: when did you get a boyfriend and you have to be careful that if you take a photo together it does not go viral
Me: ok thanks for the heads up bye
I told louis what had just happened he held me close
Louis: its ok you can stay here for as long as you want
Me: your so supportive i hate her she is so mean
Louis: hey whats that on your back
He looked closer and then i realized what he was looking at
Louis: who did this did someone hurt you
Me: oh that was just . . . . . Thats how my step mother got to jail she hit me with a hammer and then was sent to jail now she is out and i am terrified
Louis: oh i didn't know
He hugged me tighter then my phone rang i picked it up


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