Never Again

the story is about a girl who is 19 and she is being followed and tracked down by her step mum and dad she is really scared and meet louis who gets really hurt by what she does and what happened to her does she run from her problems what happens read to find out


2. the movies

Leeyas P.O.V
I got home and i got dressed into a purple dress that went down to the ground and fitted my body well with black stilettos i texted Amy and Bella of they wanted a lift they both said yes so i picked them up Bella was wearing a nice black short dress with flats amy was wearing a nice red dress with high heels we got there and louis and harry were waiting at the door and were fighting when i arrived with the girls Niall came and
Opened the door that Amy was coming out of
Niall: for  M'lady
Amy: thank you niall
Liam came over and opened bellas door welcomed her with a big smile
Liam:   :) ;)
Bella: thank you liam :)
Then i hoped out of the car and saw louis coming over and grabbing my hand we walked in and i asked what are watching Liam said TOY STORY 4 please we all laughed and said okay we can watch toy story we walked in and i was sitting next to harry and louis amy was sitting cuddled up to niall and bella sitting with liam zayn was sitting with his girlfriend perrie and cuddling up together louis yawned and put his arm around me i rested my head on his shoulder louis  kissed me on the head after the movies louis asked if we wanted to go to their house and i said yeah i will then amy and bella agreed zayn brought perrie back and we sat on the couch i sat cuddling louis and amy sat cuddling niall and bella and liam hugging i soon feel asleep i woke up next to harry i was startled and jumped out of bed harry woke and asked me what was wrong.
Me: i thought i would be next to louis not you no offense
Harry: oh i saw you asleep and you looked so cute so i picked you up and put you to bed sorry
Me: thats ok did you really think i look cute when i sleep
Harry: yep

Harry P.O.V
She looks so cute when she is confused i wonder if louis is gonna be alright with this i think i might ask leeya out hopefully she will say yes
Me: leeya can i ask you a question?
Leeya: yea sure
Leeya shuffled closer to me
Me: umm well will you umm be my girlfriend please
Leeya: well ok then
Me: really you will go out with me
Leeya: yep
Me: so we are now going out oh and by the way you looked hot i your purple dress i jus------
Leeya: just shut up and kiss me
I kissed leeya it was like fireworks it was great
Leeyas P.O.V
When harry kissed me i thought it would be more than that but i love louis hopefully when louis sees me with harry he might be jealous and ask me out grr i am so stupid
Me: harry ?
Harry: yes leeya
Me: what did you ask me before i said kiss me
Harry: well i said will you go out with me
Me: oh umm i thought you asked louis out for him so sorry your just not my type sorry Harry started kissing me and thats when i realized  he was naked he put my hand on his abs and said
Harry: do you like
Me: umm harry *gulp-----
Harry moved my hands down farther and i took my hand away and hoped out of the bed i noticed i was wearing harrys top i was a bout to take it off when harry looked at me as if he was waiting for something i decided to leave it on i asked harry which room louis was in
Harry: last one on the right
Me: thanks
I walked out picking up my dress i went over to louis room and knocked on the door and walked in i hopped in next to louis he put his arms around me he whispered
You found me, where were you last night
Me: i was just in harrys room
Louis looked at me and asked me if anything happened
Me: no he tried to ask me out i said yes at fir----
Louis: you said what!
Me: dont worry i ended up saying no then he kissed me an-------
Louis: he kissed you an-----
I cut him off i kissed him i felt like i was in heaven we pulled away
Louis: that was ju----
Me: i know it was amazing it was----he started kissing me more and then we heard talking coming from the rooms next to us it was niall and amy and bella and liam we just ignored it and kept on kiss then we decided to talk about stuff after a while i told louis i was going to have a shower and get to work i told the other girls to get ready to go to work i got in the shower and was singing Only You my favorite song when i got out of the shower louis was looking at me and smiling
Me: what
Louis : you have a great voice
Me: thanks
Louis P.O.V
Wow she has a great voice i wish she could be in our opening act but she cant cause i don't think or---
Leeya: louis i have to go now
Me: ok oh wait can i ask you something
Leeya: yea sure what is it
Me: will you go out with-----
Amy: Leeya we are late we will be fired if we don't leave now
Leeya: ok so bout that louis that question will gave to wait a bit bye
Damn i was so close to nevermind

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